Jual Gas Detector Bw Microclip & Single Gas Detector

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American Samoa
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11 Jan 2013
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Spesifikasi Produk Gas Detector Bw Microclip & Single Gas Detector

Gas Alert Micro 5, Gas Detector H2s, Co, O2, So2, Ph3, Nh3, No2, Hcn, Cl2, Clo2, O3, And Combustibles
Gas Alert Micro 5, Gas Detector H2s, Co, O2, So2, Ph3, Nh3, No2, Hcn, Cl2, Clo2, O3, And Combustibles,

Integral Concussion-Proof Boot
Optional Integral Motorized Pump Option For Remote Sampling
Powered By Three Aa Alkaline Batteries Or A Hot-Swappable Rechargeable Battery Pack
Triple Alarms ( Audible, Visual And Vibrating)
Multi-Language Support In English, French, German, Spanish And Portuguese
Large, User Selectable Backlit Lcd
Four Alarm Levels: Low, High, Twa And Stel
Compatible With Microdock Ii Automatic Test And Calibration Station
Datalogging Models Store And Recall Event Information
Wide Range Of User Selectable Field Options Including Password Protection, Safe And Stealth Modes.


Full Function Self-Test Confirms Sensor, Battery And Circuitry Integrity And Audible/ Visual Alarms On Activation

Gas Alert Micro Clip Xt H2s, Co, O2 And Lel
Gas Alert Max Xt Ii H2s, Co, O2 And Combustibles
Gas Alert Micro 5 H2s, Co, O2, So2, Ph3, Nh3, No2, Hcn, Cl2, Clo2, O3, And Combustibles
Bw Gas Alert Micro 5Pid Vocs ( Pid) , H2s, Co, O2, So2, Ph3, Nh3, No2, Hcn, Cl2, Clo2, O3, And Combustibles
Gas Alert Micro 5Ir Co2 ( Ir) , H2s, Co, O2, So2, Nh3, O3, And Combustibles
Microdock Ii
Sampler Pak
Gas Alert Quattro H2s, Co, O2 And Combustibles, Gas Detector

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Temperature Probes Tester Leads, Alligators, Clips, Rs232 Cable, Usb Cable
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Thermometers ( Pt 100 Ohm) Thermometers ( Thermocouple)
Torque Meters, Torque Wrench Transmitters, Full Line
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Lutron Am-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
Lutron Am-4204Ha Hot-Wire Anemometer
Lutron Am-4205A Digital Anemometer + Humidity
Lutron Am-4206 Anemometer With Volumetric Air Flow
Lutron Am-4206M Anemometer, Cfm ( Metal)
Lutron Am-4213 Mini Vane Anemometer
Lutron Am4216 Mini Vane , Cfm Anemometer
Lutron Ca-203 Ac/ Dc Clamp Adaptor
Lutron Cbox-406 Capacitance Decade Box
Lutron Cc-421 Volatge/ Current Calibrator
Lutron Cc-422 Current Calibrator
Lutron Cd-4303 Conductivity Meter
Lutron Cm-9930 Digital Ac/ Dca Clamp Meter
Lutron Cm-9940 Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter.
Lutron Da-103 Dc Current Bench Type Meter
Lutron Di-6200 Digital Insulation Tester
Lutron Dc-515 Digital Vernier Caliper
Lutron Dl-9601 Data Logger
Lutron Do-5509 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Lutron Do-5510 Digital Oxygen Meter
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Lutron Dt-1236L Laser Tachometer
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Lutron Dt-2236 Digital Photo/ Contact Tachometer
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Lutron Ht-305 Thermohygrometer
Lutron Ht-3015 Datalogging Thermohygrometer+ Dew Point
Lutron Ht-3004 Humidity / Temperature Meter
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Lutron Lm-81Am Anemometer
Lutron Lm-81Lx Lux Meter
Lutron Lm-8000 4 In 1 Meter.
Lutron Mo-2001 Milliohm Meter.
Lutron Mo-2002 Miliohm Meter.
Lutron Ms-7000Ha Moisture Meter
Lutron Ms-7003 Moisture Meter
Lutron Ph-207 Digital Ph Meter With Pe-03 Sensor
Lutron Pe-01 Ph Probe
Lutron Pe-03 Ph Probe
Lutron Pe-11 Ph Probe
Lutron Pm-9100 Manometer
Lutron Ps-9302 Pressure Meter
Lutron Rbox-408 Resistance Decade Box
Lutron Sc-941 Sound Level Meter Calibrator
Lutron Sc-942 Sound Level Calibrator
Lutron Sl-4010 Low Cost Sound Level Meter
Lutron Sl-4013 Sound Level Meter
Lutron Sl-4022 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
Lutron Tc-920 Thermometer Calibrator
Lutron Tm-2000 3 In 1 Digital Thermometer( Ir+ Pt100+ Type K)
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* Ms5215 High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester
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* Ms5902 Circuit Break Tester
* Ms5910, Mastech Rcd/ Loop Tester
* Ms6300 6In1 Multi-Functional Enviroment Meter
* Ms6450 ( 15M) Laser Distance Meter
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* Ms6530 Infrared Thermometer ( -20-537Oc)
* Ms6530a Infrared Thermometer
* Ms6540a Infrared Thermometer
* Ms6550a ( -32 To 1.200O C) Digital Infrared Thermometer
* Ms6550b ( -32 To 1.650O C) Digital Infrared Thermometer
* Ms6550b Infrared Thermometer
* Ms6700 Digital Sound Level Meters
* Ms6701 With Data Loggers Sound Level Meter
* Ms6702 ( 3 In 1 Sound Level + Temperature + Humidity)
* Ms6906 Scanner And Tester
* Ms7207 Digital Loop Calibrator
* Ms7212 Multi-Function Process Calibrator
* Ms7212 Multifuntional Process Calibrator
* Ms7220 Thermocouple Calibrator
* Ms8040 4.5 Digital Bench Top Multimeter
* Ms8051 5.5Digital Precision Multimeter
* Ms8216 Digital Pocket Multimeter
* Ms8228 Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer
* Ms8229 5 In 1 Auto Range Multimeter With Alarm
* Ms8910, Digital Smd Tester
Dekko 1) Digital Multi Meter
94. Multi Purpose Multi Meter
95. Profesional Multimeter
99Cf Auto Range Multi Meter
86D General Multi Meter
Dm-230 Every Day Multi Meter
2) Analaque Multi Meter
Am-22 General Multi Meter
3) Insulation Tester
Jt-30-5 Insulation Tester
Jt-2500 Insulation Tester
Jt-1000 Insulation Tester
Jt-568B Handheld Digital Mega Ohm Meter
4) Clamp Meter
Jt 200B Ac/ Dc 200A Clamp Meter
Dt 1000A Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
656F Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
33 Ac 600A Clamp Meter
37 Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
5) Thermometer, Humidity & Moisture Meter
642 Thermohygrometer ( In/ Out Door)
637 Thermohygrometer ( Indoor)
Jt-2G Digital Moisture Meter
Mc - 7825G Grain Moisture Meter
6) Thermometer
301 Dual Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
300 Single Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
7) Thermometer
Dt-520 Digital Infrared Thermometer
Jt-204L Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
Jt-206 Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
8) Automotive Tester
Jt-148 Automotive Multimeter
9) Instrument
Sl-130 Digital Sound Level Meter
Lx-1010Bs Digital Lux Meter
Am-4836V Profesional Anemometer
Jt-02A Digital Anemometer
An-16 Mini Digital Anemometer
22Lcr Digital Lcr Meter
C20kf Capacitance Meter
Vd-60 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Dt-2234L Laser Tacho Meter
10) Coating Thickness Gauge
Jt-2133 Coating Thickness Gauge
Jt-2300 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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* Checker Hc
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* Ph Meters
* Ph/ Orp Meters
* Ion Selective
* Ph/ Orp/ Ise/ Meters
* Conductivity/ Tds
* Digital Refractometers
* Dissolved Oxygen
* Multiparameter
* Fertigation Systems
* Titration Systems
* Chemical Oxygen Demand
* Photometers
* Turbidity
* Temperature
* Relative Humidity
* Magnetic Stirrers
* Mini Panel Controllers
* Process Instrumentation
* Dosing Pumps
* Lux Meters
* Reagents
* Solutions
Horiba * Multi-Parameter Water Qualitymeter ( U-50)
* Water Quality Monitoring System ( U-20 Xd)
* Oil Content Analyzer ( Ocma- Series)
* Gloss Checker ( Ig- Series)
* Infrared Thermometers( It-550)
* Water Quality Meter ( D, F, Om, Es, Ds)
* Compact Nitrate
* Compact Ph Meter ( B-211 & B-212)
* Compact Conductivity Meter
* Compact Ion Meter
* Compact Salt Meter ( C-121)
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* Vacuum Desiccator ( Vlh Series)
* Digital Hot Plate & Stirrer ( Rsh-Dr)
* Ultrasonic Cleaner ( Us Series)
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Sk-400. Digital Soil Test Kit
Sk-500. Digital Soil Test Kit
Imd-Coli Bacteriological Water Test Kit
Wtb-2010 Water Test Kit And Bakteriological
Wtb-2011 Portable Water Quality Test
Wt-Imd7 Water Test Kit
Ilp-25 Swimming Pool Water Test Kit
Pt-146 Portable Ph/ Conductivity/ Tds Meter
Pt-140 Ph Meter
Pt-148 Water Do Meter
Pt-144 Conductivity Meter
Pt-390 Turbidity Meter
Pt-142 Tds Meter
Pth-045D Chlorine Meter / Chlorometer
Pth-040 Ammonia Meter
Pt-981 Digital Portable Arsenic System
Pth-043 Ozone Meter
Pt-430 Lead And Copper Scanning Analyzer
Cod-7500 Cod Laboratory Set
Pt-225 Comparator And Disc
Macro 900 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1420 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1421 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1422 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1423 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1424 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1425 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1426 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1427 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1428 Portable Water Quality System
Pt-1427 Portable Water Quality System
Lingkungan / Laboratorium Fosante-01 Food Security Kit
Fosante-02 Microbiology Food Sanitation Kit
Fosante-04 Food Chemical And Bacteriological Test Kit
Sanitech-01 Sanitarian Field Kit
Sanitech-02 Sanitarian Field Kit-Manual
Sanitech-02/ D Sanitarian Field Kit-Digital
Sanitech-03 Sanitarian Inspection Test Kit
Imdy-1000 Pesticide Residu Detection
Tk-150E Thermometer Special Food Industri
Tn-151 Thermometer Special Food Industri
Tn-151S Thermometer Special Food Industri
Tr-150 Thermometer Special Food Industri
Fosante-01 Refill Reagent Food Security Kit
Fosante-02 Refil Reagent Microbiology Food Sanitation Kit
And-10000 Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer
078-513 Survey Meter
S-10S Survey Meter
C-10 Survey Meter
Csdf Survey Meter
720 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator
Lxt-2 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator
824 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator Type-1
Db-100 Sound Level Meter And Automatic Check
Db-200 Sound Level Meter And Automatic Check
Sp-22 Sound Level Meter
706 Personal Noise Dosimeter
Hvm-100 Human Vibration Meter
Lv-110E Vane Probe Thermo-Anemometer
Lv-101E Vane Probe Thermo-Anemometer
Fa-320 Fan Anemometer
Vt-100 Hotwire Thermo-Anemometer
Ar-823 Portable Digital Lux Meter
Lx-100 Portable Digital Lux Meter
Lx-200 Portable Digital Lux Meter
Sl-200 Solarimeter
Sl-100 Solarimeter
Kiray-300 Infrared Thermometer
Kiray-200 Infrared Thermometer
Kiray-100 Infrared Thermometer
Ir Temp-210 Infrared Temperatures
Ir 24 Ir Hygrotemp
Hd-100E Thermohygrometers
Rf-220 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter
Hm-100 Moisture Meter
Ct-100Eo Tachometer
Ct-100Ec Tachometer
Mp-200 Thermo-Anemometer-Manom Eter
Mp200p Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
Mp200m Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
M P200g Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
Mp200h Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
Mp200hp Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
Yes Plus Lga 15 Channel Air Quality Monitors
Yes Air Pump 8 Channel Air Quality Monitors
Aq-200 Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Aq-100 Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Particlescan Handheld Laser Particle Counter
Mb1 Microbio Sampler
Mb2 Microbio Sampler
M3-Oga Method 3 Orsat Analyzer
Basic Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Professional Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Master Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Mst Stack Mini Stack Sampler
Imd-5Imp Gas Sampler Ambient
A-600 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
A-500 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
A-400 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
Gs-220 Detection Of Combustion Gasses
Telescope-2 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity Meter
Telescope-1 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity Meter
Telescope-3 Digital Smoke Opacity Meter
Rp-72 Smoke Soot Test Pump
Cdl-210 Co2, Air Temperature, Rh Dataloger
Hd-1004 Personal Eal Time Particulate Air Monitors
Hd-1100 Pm-10 Personal Particulate Monitors
Epam-5000 Real Time Particulate Air Monitors
Aa-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitors
Df-Pm10e Pm-10 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
Df-Pm2, 5E Pm-2, 5 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
Df-60810E Tsp-Digital High Volume Air Samplers
Dfhv-1Se Portable High Volume Air Samplers
Hv-1Te Portable High Volume Air Samplers ( Automatic)
Hv-1Se Portable High Volume Air Samplers
Df-1E Portable Low Volume Air Samplers
Df-14Me Mobile Low Volume Air Samplers
L-5P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
L-12P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
L-15P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
M-5 Calibrator
M-30 Calibrator
Micro Iv Portable Single Gas Detectors
G-450 Portable Multigas Detectors
( Gas Dapat Diganti Dengan Sensor Lain Dan
Slc-Op Handheld Odor Catch
Slc-Oh Portable Odor Catch
Slc-Oh Portable Odor Catch
Slc-On Ambient Real Time Odor Monitoring
Dx Series-7 7 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
Dx Series-4 4 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
Zsa-80 Analytical Balance
Zsa-120 Analytical Balance
Zsa-210 Analytical Balance
Zsa-210D Analytical Balance
Zsp-150 Precision Balance
Zsp-250 Precision Balance
Zsp-350 Precision Balance
Zsp-550 Precision Balance
Zsl-400 Laboratorium Balance
Zsl-600 Laboratorium Balance
Sl-400 Laboratorium Balance
Sl-600 Laboratorium Balance
Sl-1000 Laboratorium Balance
Sl-2000 Laboratorium Balance
Sp-150 Precision Balance Series
Sp-250 Precision Balance Series
Sp-350 Precision Balance Series
Sp-550 Precision Balance Series
Sa801w Analytical Balance Series
Sa1201w Analytical Balance Series
Sa2101w Analytical Balance Series
Sa3101w Analytical Balance Series
Shc-12 High Capacity Balance
Shc-16 High Capacity Balance
Shc-20 High Capacity Balance
Shc30 High Capacity Balance
Colinmed Digital Cholinesterase Analysis System
2500-Oto-P Audiometer With Printer Oto-Check
1000+ Package Affordable Audiometer With Printer
6Mwt Hand-Held Spirometer
Fx Desktop Spirometer
Cleanroom100 Air Cleaning Protection
Gc Multigas Air Cleaning Protection
Sk-300 Manual Soil Test Kit
Sk-400 Digital Soil Test Kit
Sk-500 Digital Soil Test Kit
Paket Peralatan Sampler Debu Tsp
Ger-2600 Portable Spectroradiometer System
Uf-35 Fogging Machine
As-2000 Multi Sensor Weather Station
5002-5 Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Auto-600 Opacity Smoke Meter
Oliver-6502 Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter
New Product Ad 32 Ec , Tds, Temp
Ad-11 Ph Meter
Ad-110 Multi Parameter
Highgear Altimeter
Sm-8237 Gasoline Engine Tachometer
Appa 55 Seri Ii Digital Multimeter
Appa 25 Automotive Multimeter
Appa-51 Digital Thermometer
Appa-55 Ii Digital Multi Meter / Thermometer
Az-8909 Anemo, Humidity, Temp, Baro
D75 Dehumidifier
Pt.370 Ph Meter Daging
Type Nama Product
101911 Speed Gun
2000 Anemometer Kestrel
1 Gases Gas Detector Bw
4 Gases Gas Detector Bw
4 Gases ( Pump ) Gas Detector Bw
5 Gases Gas Detector Bw Micro Pid
8500 Coloni Counter
Meat Moisture Meat Moisture Meter
Jt.148 Outomotive Multi Meter
656F Infrared Thermometer -50 To 550 Oc
Spd 202 Ex Combustibel Gas Detector
Spd 201 Digital Oxigen Meter ( Do Meter )
642 Thermohygrometer
Mc.7825G Grain Moisture Meter ( Kadar Air Pada Biji Bijian ) Pingliu
Am - 4836 Anemometer
Dt-10 Tools Sett
Wqc22a Multi Parameter
Wqc24 Multi Parameter
Hm-17Mx Portable Ph Meter For Food Applications
Hdh026 Dehumidifier ( 26 L/ Day )
Hdh058 Dehumidifier ( 58 L/ Day )
Hdh908 Dehumidifier ( 90 L/ Day )
Ez - 40 Combustibel Gas Detector
Fg-100 Lpg Gas Detector
Glo Combustibel Gas Detector
480823 Fiel Stengh Meter ( 2 Axis )
480836 Fiel Stengh Meter ( 3 Axis )
Mo210 Moisture Meter
Mo280 Moisture Meter
260 Moisture Meter
Do 700 Ph, Mv, Temp, Cond, Tds, Do
Ec 400 Ec Meter
Ec 500 Ec Meter
Ec 600 Ph, Cond, Tds, Salt, Resistivity, , Mv And Temp
407355 Personal Noise Dosi Meter
Flir I7 Infrared Camera
725 Multifunction Calibrator
115 Digital Multimeter
179 Digital Multi Meter
179 Digital Multi Meter
376 Clamp Meter
810 Vibration Tester
Ti 32 Therma Imager
572 Infrared Thermometer
572 Infrared Thermometer
574 Infrared Thermometer
376 Ac / Dc Clam Meter
337 Clam Meter
705 Loop Calibration
725 Multi Function Calibrator
725Ex Multi Function Calibrator
1621 Earh Grounding Tester
789 Processmeter
Fb-Ctw-7000 Fujibin Humidifier 99% Rh
76Csx Gps
Dpi 615Pc Pneumatic Calibrator
Dpi 615 Is Pc Pneumatic Calibrator
Ups Ii Lop Calibrator Ups Ii
Ups Iii Lop Calibrator Ups Iii
610S Pc 30 Pressure Calibrator
Ga 5000 Portable Gas Analizer
Gem 5000 Gas Extraction Monitor
Biogas 5000 Portable Gas Analizer
Hach Tss Meter
Hs-2005-V-N Rotari Evaporator ( Ready )
Hs-2005-S-N Rotari Evaporator ( Ready )
Hs-2005-N-S Rotari Evaporator ( Indent )
Dsr 77 Battery Tester
2500 Anemometer Kestrel
2000 Anemometer Kestrel
4000 Anemometer Kestrel
4000 Anemometer Kestrel
4100 Anemometer Kestrel
4500 Anemometer Kestrel
1000 Anemometer Kestrel
4500 Anemo Meter - Kestrel
Pm 400 Multi Grain Moisture Meter
Hx 120 Copra Molisture Meter
Fd-610 Grain Moistrume Meter
Epi608d-1 Dehumidifier ( 0.7 L/ Day)
Mfd10-5100Mr Dehumidifier ( 10 L/ Day)
Pd20e-20 Dehumidifier ( 20 L/ Day)
6162 Uk Weather Station Vantage Pro2&Trade;
6250Uk Davis Vantage Vue
6510 Usb Davis Software And Datalogger Untuk Type 6250Uk
7716 Tripot
6152Cuk ' Cabled Vantage Pro2&Trade;
Dxt Digital Laser Meter ( 70 Meter )
D3a Digital Laser Meter ( 100 Meter )
D5 Digital Laser Meter ( 200 Meter )
At 7328 Osiloscope ( 28 Mz )
At 7340 Osiloscope ( 40 Mz )
Tfc-3000U Universal Counter ( 1Hz-3000Mhz )
Analog Klimamesser ( Analog )
E200ir Thermometer ( Th, Ir, Dp, Cfg )
Vt 8204 Vibration Meter
Lm 8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Thermometer
Tc 920 Thermo Couple
Dw6091 Digital Watt Meter
Dw6060 Digital Watt Meter
212 Ph Daging / Tanah
Dt-2269 Digital Stroboscope Lamp
Gc-2028 Co2 Meter
Gch-2018 Co2 Meter
Tm-946 4 Channel Thermometer
Co-5510 Oksigen Meter ( Udara )
Do-5509 Do Meter
Ms-8910 Smart Tester
Ms-6300 Multi Meter Sound, Lux, Anemo, Temp, Humidity
Ms-2205 Power Meter
Ms-8228 Autorange Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer
Ms-8229 5 In 1 Digital-Multimeter
Ms-6700 Sound Level Meter
Mb-25 Moisture Balance
Pt.146 Ph/ Conductivity/ Tds Meter
Pt.148 Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Preg-Alert Pro Renco Preg-Alert Pro
1010Bs Lux Meter
Yx360trf Multi Tester
Se 100 Tachometer
Se 200 Tachometer
Th-300 Thermohygrometer
Sm - 18 Anemometer
Sm-19 Anemometer
Dhc 747 Battery Tester
2900 Et Weather Station C/ N. 3350Wd2
2700 Weather Station C/ N. 3340Wd2
2550 Weather Station C/ N. 3320Wd2
2800 Weather Station C/ N. 3345Wd2
2900 Et Weather Station Sfoft Ware Model Pro & Usb
Wile 55 Grain Moisture Meter
Wile 26 Grain Moisture Meter
Grain Moisture Meter - Wile Coffe
Sn - 50 Fogging
Stainless Thank Thermometer ( -20 To 240 F )
Brash Thank Thermometer ( -10 To 110 F )
Crom Thank Thermometer ( -10 To 110 F )
Cid Ci 2002 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter
Ccm-200 Opti Science
Gx-2003 Gas Detector 4 Gase ( Llel, O2, H2s, Co)
Model 7210120 Safety Container Type 1
Model 7220120 Safety Can Type 2 Model 7220120
Coloni Star Funke Gerber
Yk-2001Ph Do, Ph, Tds, Cond, Orp
Yk-2005 Wa Multi Parameter Lutron
Ph-O1 Pho-1 Ph / Orp / Temperature Meter
Hm-1000 Metalyzer Portable
Hm-3000 Metalyzer Portable
1100 Ir Turbidity Meter
Pharo -300 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Pharo 300 Spectroquant&Reg; , Merck
Nova 60 Merck
Hy-Lite2 Merck
Roker 600 Vacump Pump
950 My Boom ( 25 M / Section ) Pembatas Minyak Tumpah
Btm-400 Check Line Btm-400 :
600Fn Minitest Coating Thickness Gauge
650Fn Minitest Coating Thickness Gauge
Hm3000 Heavy Metal Analyser
Hm1000 Heavy Metal Analyser
Sigma Ii Thermohygrograph Model Ns - Ii Q ( 7210.00 Quart Type )
Bante Magnetic Stirrer
Hl-5000 Set Hidrolux Hl- 5000 Proset
Hl-5000 Set With Gas Hidrolux Hl- 5000 Proset ( With Gas Sensor )
Hv-1000F High Volume Air Sampler
15 Channel Air Quality Monitors
22Lcr Digital Lcr Meter
3 Phase Digital Power Clampmeter With Power Factor
300 Single Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
301 Dual Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
33 Ac 600A Clamp Meter
330 Sw/ Rf Power Meter ( 1.8520Mhz)
37 Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
3M 3101001
3M 3200
3M 6000 Series, 5000 Series, Respirator And Filter
3M 6003
3M 8120
3M 8822
3M Personal Heat Stress
3M Respirator N95, P95
637 Thermohygrometer ( Indoor)
642 Thermohygrometer ( In/ Out Door)
656F Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
7 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
8 Channel Air Quality Monitors
8017 Single Output Dc Power Supply ( Cv = 030Vdc / Cc= 010A)
8112 Single Output Dc Power Supply ( Cv = 060Vdc / Cc= 05A)
850 Ac/ Dc Power Supply
86D General Multi Meter
94. Multi Purpose Multi Meter
95. Profesional Multimeter
99Cf Auto Range Multi Meter
Aa104 Aca Bench Meter
Abh4224 Cup Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
Abh4225 Vane Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
Ac Current Line Splitter
Ac/ Dc Mini Current Clamp On Meter For Process Control Signal Output
Affordable Audiometer With Printer
Ag2601a ( 10 Hz1mhz)
Ag2603ad. Digital Audio Generator / Counter ( 10 Hz1mhz)
Ah4223 Vane Anemometer/ Humidity/ Temperature
Air Cleaning Protection
Air Filter
Airborne Particulate Monitors
Al04 Heavy Duty Alligators
Al05 Heavy Duty Alligators
Alat Keselamatan Kerja
Alat Pemadam Api Modern
Alat Potong Besi Tercepat Masa Kini
Alat Safety
Alat Uji Kerasan Geser Tanah
Alat Uji Kkerasan Geser Tanah
Alcohowk Abi
Alkohol Tester
Altaris Orion, Visa Multipro Auer Msa, Bw, Solaris Multi Gas Detector, Drager,
Alti Meter ( Alat Ukur Elevasi Tanah Dari Permukaan Laut)
Am22 General Multi Meter
Am402 Anemometer Adapter
Am4100g Anemometer + Hybrid Power
Am4200 Anemometer
Am4201 Anemometer
Am4202 Anemometer
Am4203 Anemometer
Am4203ha Anemometer
Am4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
Am4204ha Hot Wire Anemometer
Am4205a Replaced Am4205 Humidity/ Anemometer Meter
Am4206 Anemometer
Am4206m Anemometer
Am4210 Anemometer
Am4213 Anemometer, Mini Vane
Am4214 Hot Wire Anemometer
Am4216 Anemometer, Mini Vane
Am4220 Cup Anemometer
Am4221 Cup Anemometer
Am4222 Van Anemometer
Am4836v Profesional Anemometer
Ambient Real Time Odor Monitoring
Ammonia Meter
An16 Mini Digital Anemometer
Analaque Multi Meter
Analog Earth Resistance Tester
Analytical Balance
Analytical Balance Series 1200
Anemometer Kestrel 1000
Anemometer Kestrel 2000
Anemometer Kestrel 2500
Anemometer Kestrel 4000
Anemometer Kestrel 4100
Anemometerkestrel 4500
Anti Seize
Antirust Agent
Ap9va ( Round 2.5Mm Dia. Plug) Power Adapter
Ap9vb ( Battery Snap Plug) Power Adapter
Apgte Plug Conventer
Asbestos Mat
At20 Frequency Counter Optional Accessory
Audiometer With Printer Oto-Check
Auto Level ( Water Pass )
Automatic Emergency Light
Automotive Tester
Autorange Digital Multimeter
Av102 Acv Bench Meter
Bach220 For Dt2289
Back Pack
Back Support
Bacteriological Water Test Kit
Baffin Balaclava
Baju Pemadam
Baju Pemadam Kebakaran
Baju Tahan Panas Api
Bar Cutter
Base Fitting
Battery Tester Type Dsr 77 - Jepang
Battery Tester Type Dhc 747 - Taiwan
Baum1 X 4Pcs For Dt2289
Bb22 Frequency Counter Optional Accessory
Bb400 Black Body
Bead Wire Probe
Bearing Analyser
Bilson Earmuffs
Boot Cleaner ( Pembersih Sepatu)
Boot Cover
Boot Dryer ( Pengering Sepatu)
Boot Rack ( Rack Sepatu)
Boot Shoes
Bor Tanah Belgy Type 1M
Bor Tanah Gambut
Bor Tanah Untuk Kedalaman 10M ( Teknik Civil)
Bouton Fog Free Googgle
Box Obat
Box P3k
Brake Linning
Branch Pipe
Breating Apparatus
Btm4208sd ( End Dec)
Bulb Lamp Lampu Metal Halide
Bullard Safety Helmet, S51, 3000 Classic
C20kf Capacitance Meter
Ca03 ( Soft Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
Ca04 ( Very Small Soft Case) Soft Carrying Case
Ca05a ( Big Soft Case W/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
Ca06 ( Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
Ca08 ( Big Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
Ca201 Mini Aca Current Meter
Ca203 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
Ca501 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
Ca502 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
Ca52a ( Small Soft Case W/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
Cartridge Filter
Casual Workwear
Cb933 Cable Tester/ Cable Identifier
Cbm Mini Portable
Cbm Spray
Cbox406 Capacitance Decade Box
Cc420 Current Calibrator
Cc421 Voltage/ Current Calibrator
Cc422 Current Calibrator
Ccma Simulator
Ccph Ph Calibration Checker
Cctempk Type K Temp Calibration Checker
Cd14 Conductivity Solution
Cd4301 Conductivity Meter
Cd4302 Conductivity Meter
Cd4303 Conductivity Meter
Cd4303ha Conductivity Meter
Cd4306 Conductivity Meter
Cd4312 Conductivity Meter
Cd4322 Conductivity Meter
Chain Block
Chain Saw Gloves
Charger For Calibator
Cheetah Safety Wear
Chemicals & Aerosol
Chlorine Meter / Chlorometer
Cl2006 Chlorine Meter
Clamp Meter
Clampon Digital Earth Resistance Tester
Cm9930 ( 4000 Count) 2000 A Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter + Dmm
Cm9940 ( 4000 Count) Mini Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
Cm9941 Smart Clamp Meter
Cm9942g Clamp Meter
Co Gas Detector
Co210m Co Controller
Coating Agent
Coating Thickness Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge
Cod Laboratory Set
Combination Kombinasi Nozel
Comparator And Disc
Concrete Hammer Test ( Nj80)
Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Tester
Conductivity/ Tds/ Salt/ Temperature
Constant Instrument
Costa Del Mar Glasses
Cover All
Cpg 1367A ( Pal/ B Calor Bar Pattern Generator
Cpvc Pipe ' Viking ' Ul/ Fm Ex: Usa
Ct2012 Controller/ Alarm/ Indicator
Current Tester
Cutting Tools
Cutting Torch
Cyaume Lightstick
Da103 Dca Bench Meter
Dangerous Toxic Gas
Data Collector Vibration Meter With 99 Memories
Data Logger Thermohygrometer Digital Ebi 20
Dc515 Digital Caliper
Dc516 Digital Micrometer
Desktop Spirometer
Detection Of Combustion Gasses
Di6200 Insulation Tester
Di6300 Insulation Tester
Di6300a Insulation Tester
Di6400 Insulation Tester
Diamond Tools
Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter
Digital Ac Clamp Meter 1000A With Temperature Function
Digital Ac Clamp Meter 600A With Temperature Function
Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter 1000A
Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter 600A
Digital Cholinesterase Analysis System
Digital Depth Gauge
Digital Insulation Tester 1000V
Digital Insulation Tester 5000V
Digital Multi Meter
Digital Multimeter 600V Cat.Iv
Digital Multimeter Auto Range
Digital Multimeter One Switch Auto Select
Digital Multimeter With Lcr Function
Digital Portable Arsenic System
Digital Smoke Opacity Meter
Digital Soil Test Kit
Digital Thickness Gauge
Digital Tyre Gauge
Dj Laser Level And Linear
Dj Laser Level And Linear
Dl9601a Replaced Dl9601 Data Logger Real Time, Paper Less Recorder
Dl9954 Aca Leakage Tester
Dm1000 Mini 1000A Dc/ Ac Clamp Meter
Dm230 Every Day Multi Meter
Dm4061 Grid Dip Meter ( 1.5 Mhz 250 Mhz In 6 Bands
Dm6007 Aca Clamp Meter
Dm6046 Clamp Meter
Dm6052 Mini Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
Dm6053 Mini Aca Clamp Meter
Dm6055c Clamp Meter
Dm6056 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
Dm6058 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
Dm9020 Pocket Dmm
Dm9023 ( Capacitance Meter) Capacitance Meter
Dm9027t+ Ca03 4 1/ 2 Digits Dmm, True Rms
Dm9030 + Ip07 Automotive Tester
Dm9031+ Ip07
Dm9033 ( Replaced Bt Dm9023)
Dm9080 Multifunctions
Dm9090 Multifunctions
Dm9092 Auto Range Dmm
Dm9680 Multimeter
Dm9680kits Multimeter
Dm9960 Cat Lll1000v Auto Range Dmm
Dm9961 Cat Lll1000v True Rms Dmm
Dm9981g Green Power Multimeter
Dm9982g Smart Multimeter
Dm9983g Smart Multimeter
Do 300 L ( Istek)
Do Tester
Do5509 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Do5510 Oxigen Meter
Do5510ha Oxigen Meter
Do5519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
Dormer Tools, Bor Auger Sand Auger
Dosimeter 3007
Dosimeter Type 3007
Dot Gloves
Double Ring Infiltration
Double Ring Infiltration
Dp30 Volt Meter Module
Dp40 Volt Meter
Dr99420 Panel Meter
Dr99aca Panel Meter
Dr99acv Panel Meter
Dr99dca Panel Meter
Dr99dcv Panel Meter
Drill Bit Mata Bor
Dry Pack
Ds121( Accessories F/ Gsm120/ 121 Wire Less Detect Switch
Dt 1000A Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
Dt1236l Laser Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2199 Stroboscope
Dt2230 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2234b ( Photo) Photo Tachometer
Dt2234bl Laser Photo Tachometer
Dt2234l Laser Tacho Meter
Dt2235b ( Contact) Contact Tachometer
Dt2236 ( Photo/ Contact) Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2237 Gasoline Tachometer
Dt2238 ( Photo/ Contact) Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt22392 ( 240Vac)
Dt2240d+ Px01 Panel Tachometer
Dt2244 ( Photo)
Dt2245 ( Contact) Contact Tachometer
Dt2258 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2259 Tachometer/ Stroboscope
Dt2268 Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2269220v Digital Stroboscope
Dt2289 Stroboscope, Xenon
Dt2299 Stroboscope, Led Array
Dt2336g Photo/ Contact Tachometer
Dt2339 Stroboscope, Xenon
Dt2349 Stroboscope
Dt520 Digital Infrared Thermometer
Dt602 Tach/ M
Dust Sampler, Dust Monitor
Dv101 Dvc Bench Meter
Dw6060 Watt Meter
Dw6090 Power Analyzer
Dw6091 Power Analyzer
Dw6092 ( Aro. Feb' 09) 3 Phase Power Analyzer
Dw6160 ( End Dec) Watt Meter
Earmuff Peltor, Elvex
Earth Tester
Ec Tester
Ec Tester
Eco Winter Liner
Eh20 Electrode Holder
Elvex Glasses
Elvex Google
Em9000 Environment Meter
Em9100 Environment Meter
Em9200 Intelligent Meter
Em9300sd Environment Meter
Emf810 Micro Wave Leakage Detector
Emf819 # Axis Rf Electromagnetic Field Meter
Emf822a Emf Tester
Emf823 Emf Tester
Emf824 Emf Adapter
Emf825 Emf Tester + Type K Thermometer
Emf827 Emf Tester, Separate Probe
Emf828 3D Emf Tester
Emf839+ Ep03h+ Ep04l Electromagnetic Field Meter
Enmet Gas Detector
Epam 5000 Haz Dust
Ess Strike Xto Goggle
Et3000 Earth Resistance Tester
Evaporation Pan, Pancu Penguapan
Explosion Proof Floodlight,
Eyewash Fendall, Eyesaline, Wash Bottle
Face Guard
Fan Anemometer
Fc2500a+ At20+ Pb21 Frequency Counter
Fc2700 Frequency Counter, Bench Type
Fc422d Panel Meter
Fg2003220v Function Generator
Fg20kg Force Gauge
Fg5000a Force Gauge
Fg5005 Force Gauge
Fg5020 Force Gauge
Fg5100 Forge Gauge
Fiberglass Cloth
Fiberglass Fabric
Fiberglass Mesh
Fiberglass Tape
Fibre Glass
Filter Bag
Filter Pocket
Filter Press
Fire Aerosol ' Firewall ' , Ex: Korea
Fire Alarm ' Hooseki ' , Ex: Taiwan
Fire Arestor
Fire Blanket
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguishers ' Hooseki ' , Ex: China
Fire Extinguishers Fire Fighter' S Suit
Fire Fighting Suit
Fire Hose
Fire Hose, Selang Pemadam
Fire Suit
Fire Wall
Firefighting Gloves
Fireman Gloves
Fireman Out Fit
First Aid Kit
Fist Air Box K3
Fitter Gloves
Flame Raterdant Wear
Flow Meter Solar 2 ' & 3 '
Fluke 1555 And 1550C Insulation Resistance Testers
Fluke 233 True-Rms Remote Display Digital Multimeter
Fluke 2620T Recording Thermometer
Fluke 2635T Recording Thermometer
Fluke 27 Ii And 28 Ii Digital Multimeters
Fluke 421D Laser Distance Meter
Fluke 5000A-Rh/ T Precision Humidity And Temperature Data Logger
Fluke 525B Temperature/ Pressure Calibrator
Fluke 5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator
Fluke 54100 / 54200 Tv Signal Generator
Fluke 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator
Fluke 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator Workstation
Fluke 5520A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrators
Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrator Workstation
Fluke 5700A/ 5720A Multifunction Calibrators
Fluke 5790A Ac Measurement Standard
Fluke 5820A Oscilloscope Calibrator
Fluke 6105A/ 6100B Electrical Power Standards
Fluke 7000/ 7001 10-Volt Solid-State Dc Voltage Reference
Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter
Fluke 8808A 5.5 Digit Digital Multimeters
Fluke 9100 Universal Calibration System
Fluke 9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator
Fluke 9640A Rf Reference Source
Fluke Pm 6685 Universal Frequency Counter
Fluke Ti32 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager
Fluke Tir32 Building Diagnostic Thermal Imager
Fluke 113 Utility Multimeter
Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter
Fluke 115 Field Service Technicians Multimeter
Fluke 116 Hvac Multimeter With Temperature And Microamps
Fluke 116/ 62 Hvac Technician' S Combo Kit
Fluke 117 Electrician' S Multimeter With Non-Contact Voltage
Fluke 117/ 322 Electrician' S Combo Kit
Fluke 1507/ 1503 Insulation Resistance Testers
Fluke 1587/ 1577 Insulation Multimeters
Fluke 170 Series Digital Multimeters
Fluke 1735 Power Logger Analyser
Fluke 1750 Power Recorder
Fluke 1760 Power Quality Recorder
Fluke 179
Fluke 179 Multimeter & Toolpak&Trade; Combo Kit
Fluke 179/ 1Ac2 Combo Kit &Ndash; Includes Meter And Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Fluke 179/ 61 Industrial Multimeter And Infrared Thermometer Combo Kit
Fluke 179/ Eda Ck Electronic' S Combo Kit
Fluke 233 True-Rms Remote Display Multimeter
Fluke 27 Ii/ 28 Ii Industrial Multimeters
Fluke 287 Flukeview Forms Combo Kit
Fluke 287 True-Rms Electronics Logging Multimeter With Trendcapture
Fluke 289 Flukeview Forms Combo Kit
Fluke 289 True-Rms Industrial Logging Multimeter With Trendcapture
Fluke 337
Fluke 376
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 572
Fluke 705
Fluke 725
Fluke 725Ex
Fluke 77 Iv Series Digital Multimeter
Fluke 78 Automotive Multimeter
Fluke 80 Series V Digital Multimeters
Fluke 810
Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester
Fluke 87V/ Aek Advanced Electronic Kit
Fluke 88 Series V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter
Fluke Ti 32
Fluke Ti27 Industrial - Commercial Thermal Imager
Fluke Ti29 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager
Fluke Vr1710 Voltage Quality Recorder
Fluorescent Lamp,
Fogging Machine
Fogging Machine
Fogging Sn 50
Food Chemical And Bacteriological Test Kit
Food Security Kit
Free & Total Chlorine Tester
Free Chlorine Tester
Fs1001 + Wg01 Test Stand
Ft9950 A/ Dc Fork Current Tester
Garrett Metal Detecor, Hand Held And Walkthrought
Gas 3300 ( Aluminium Staff 3M)
Gas 3300 ( Aluminium Staff 5M Including Nivo And Carring Case)
Gas 3300 ( Aluminium Staff 5M)
Gas Alarm System
Gas Alarms
Gasclam - Continuous Ground Gas Monitor
Gas Detector
Gas Detector Gastec, Bw, Msa, Draeger, Biosystem, Riken, Isc, Bacharach,
Gb100kg Bench Scale
Gb150kg Bench Csale
Gc2028 Co2 Meter
Gch2108 Co Meter Co Meter
Gco2008 Co Meter
Gerson Dust Mask
Glass Wool Blanket Oriental Koshin
Glass Wool Board
Glass Wool Felt ( Blanket)
Glass Wool Plate
Glass Wool Tube
Gm1500p Digital Balance
Gm300p Digital Balance
Gm3kg 3 Kg Digital Scale
Gm500 Digital Scale
Gm5000 Digital Scale
Gm5001 Digital Scale
Gm501 Digital Scale
Gm600g Digital Scale
Gm600p Digital Balance
Gmcb89 Interface Cable
Gs400 Ultrasonic Transmitter
Gs5800 Ultrasonic Leakage Detector
Gs5800+ Gs400+ Ea100
Gsm120 Gsm Home Security System
Gsm840 Gsm Control System
Gsm888 Gsm Control System
Gsm889 Gsm Controller
Gu3001 Magnetic Meter
H2s Gas Detector
Hand Cuff Borgor
Handheld Laser Particle Counter
Handheld Measuring Instrument E200 Ir ' Lufft ' For Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point And Surface Temperature
Hand Counter , Checker &Ndash; Hand Tool
Handheld Multi-Gas Pid Detection
Handheld Odor Catch
Hand-Held Spirometer
Handle Remote
Handy Talky, Ht, Motorolla, Icom, Dll
Hanna Instrument,
Hd200pal Anemometer Probe
Hd200plx Light Probe
Hd200prh Humidity Meter Probe
Heavy Duty Industrial Ladder
Helm Msa Fullbrim ( Orange, Red)
Helmet V Gard Msa Usa ( White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green)
High Capacity Balance
High Capacity Balance
High Capacity Balance
High Capacity Balance
High Precision Integrated Testing & Measuring Unit
High Quality Performance Safety Shoes Safety Jogger
High Visibility
Hip Boot
Hip Strap Easy Softcase
Hose Rack
Hotwire Thermo-Anemometer
Hs01 Holster
Hs02 Holster
Ht3006a Replaced Ht3006
Ht3006ha Humidity Meter
Ht3007sd ( End Dec)
Ht3009 Precission Humidity + Temp + Dew Point
Ht3015 Replaced 3005A/ 3005Hb
Ht3015ha Humidity Meter
Ht305 Pocket Humidity Meter
Ht306 Humidity/ Temp, Meter
Ht315 Replaced Ht319 Pocket Humidity Meter
Ht4006g Humidity/ Temp, Meter + Type K/ J Temp
Human Vibration Meter
Hv40 High Voltage Probe
Hydran Box
Hydran Pillar
Hydran Valve
Hydrant ' Hooseki ' , Lisenced Japan Ex: China
Hydrant Two Way
Hydrants Box
Hydrants Pilar
Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Infra Reed Thermometer
Infrared Temperatures
Infrared Thermometer
Insulation Fire Service
Insulation Tester
Insulation/ Continuity
Intelligent Protection Analog Multimeter With Hardcase
International Shore Connection
Ip07 Inductive Pick Up Sensor
Ip09 Inductive Pick Up Sensor
Ir Hygrotemp
Jt 200B Ac/ Dc 200A Clamp Meter
Jt02a Digital Anemometer
Jt1000 Insulation Tester
Jt148 Automotive Multimeter
Jt204l Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
Jt206 Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
Jt2133 Coating Thickness Gauge
Jt2300 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Jt2500 Insulation Tester
Jt2g Digital Moisture Meter
Jt305 Insulation Tester
Jt568b Handheld Digital Mega Ohm Meter
Kampak Pemadam Kebakaran
Kantung Mayat,
Kapak Kampak Axe
Kevlar Gloves
Kimo Portabel Thermo Higro Meter
Kimo Portabel Thermo Meter
Kimo Portable Air Quality Meter
Kimo Sound Level Meter
Kimo Tacho Meter
Kit P3k
Knife, Pisau Saku
Kolor Kut Pasta Minyak
Kolorkut Oil Finding Pasta
Komatsu Brush Cutter
Kombinasi Nozel
Kotak P3k
Kupluk, Ransel,
Laboratorium Balance
Laboratorium Balance
Laboratorium Balance Series 1200
Laboratorium Balance Series 1201
Laboratorium Balance Series 1202
Laboratorium Balance Series 1203
Lampu Buoy
Lampu Darurat Generator
Lampu Lifejacket
Lampu Navigasi
Lan922 Lan Cable Atester
Laser Digital Non Contact Tachometer
Laser Distance Meter 50 Meter
Latex Gloves
Lbox405 Inductance Decade Box
Lcr9063 Pocket Lcr Meter
Lcr9073 Lcr Meter
Lcr9083 Lcr Meter
Lcr9183 Lcr Meter, Bench Type
Lead And Copper Scanning Analyzer
Leather Shoes
Lf423 Line Frequency Monitor
Ligh Meter, Lux Meter
Lm8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter
Lm8020g Green 4 In 1 Meter
Lm8100 4 In 1 Meter
Lm8102 5 In 1 Meter
Lm81am Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter
Lm81at Anemometer
Lm81ht Humidity Meter
Lm81lx Light Meter
Lodestar Electronics Indonesia.
Loop Calibrator
Loop / Lup/ Kaca Pembesar/ Magnifying Glasses
Low Cost Digital Multimeter
Ls 1330 Digital Triple Output Dc Power Supply
Ls 1530 Digital Triple Output Dc Power Supply
Ls 3002 Function Generator ( 2 Mhz)
Ls 3005 Function Generator ( 5 Mhz)
Ls04 200 Amp Current Shunt
Lutron, Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Vibration Meter, Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, Do Meter, Turbidity Meter, Torque Meter
Lux Meter
Lx02 Light Adapter
Lx100 Light Meter
Lx101 Light Meter
Lx1010bs Digital Lux Meter
Lx101a Light Meter
Lx102 Light Adapter
Lx103 Light Meter
Lx104g Light Meter
Lx105 Light Meter
Lx107 Light Meter
Lx107ha Light Meter
Lx108 Light Meter
Lx110 Light Meter
Lx1102 Light Meter
Lx1108 Light Meter
Lx1118 Light Meter
Machino Coupling
Magnetic Stirrer
Male Yellow Jack
Man Over Board
Manila Rope
Manual Soil Test Kit
Mapa, Aces, Survivar, Bilsom, Koken, Wayne, Uvex, North, Protector, Miller, Uvex, Msa, Spc, Willson, Crews, Haws, Woward, Crowcorn Gas Detection,
Marking Sign
Masada Jack
Mata Bor
Mata Potong
Mc 7825G Grain Moisture Meter
Measuring Tape
Measuring Wheel
Meat Moisture Meter
Mercury Lamp,
Mercury Vapour Indictor
Merlin Gerin
Metal Surface Coating Agent
Meteran Besi
Meteran Besi Roll
Method 3 Orsat Analyzer
Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
Mfg2110 Dds Function Generator ( Up To 10 Mhz)
Mfg2120 Dds Function Generator ( Up To 20 Mhz)
Mfg8219a Sweep Function Generator ( 0.3 Mhz3mhz)
Mfg8255a Sweep Function Generator ( 0.5 Mhz5mhz)
Mhb382sd ( End Dec)
Mht381sd ( End Dec)
Microbio Sampler
Microbiology Food Sanitation Kit
Mini Stack Sampler
Mistar Jajar
Mo20012 ( 240V)
Mo2002230v Milliohm Meter
Mo2013230v High Precision Milliohm Meter
Mobile Low Volume Air Samplers
Moisture Concrete
Moisture Meter
Moisture Balance Mb-25
Moisture Balance Mb-35
Mold Release Agent
Mp31 Probe F/ Ms7000ha/ 7003
Ms 6300 Sound Multy Function
Ms 6700 Sound Level Meter
Ms 6701 Sound Level Meter
Ms7000 Moisture Meter
Ms7000ha Moisture Meter
Ms7001 Moisture Meter
Ms7002 Moisture Meter
Ms7003 Moisture Meter
Ms71p ( Must Cal. With Meter) Humidity Content Probe
Msa Respirator
Msa Safety Helmet
Mtm380sd ( End Dec)
Multi Gas Detectors
Multi Sensor Weather Station
Multifunction Calibrator
My81ap Anemometer
My Boom 950 / Oil Boom.
Nabakem Welding Chemical
Nb24 Frequency Counter
Neprene Stearn Gloves
Ni214 Negative Ion Water Tester
Nitril Gloves
Nn23 Frequency Counter
Noise Dosimeter
Npk Tester
Nylon Mesh
O2 Gas Detector
Oil Absorbent Boom, Pillow, Spc, Pig, 3M, Dll
Oil Sounding Tapes
Onguard Boot
Opacity Smoke Meter
Optional For Trtmk1a4
Orp Tester
Orp14 Replaced Opr04 Orp Electrode
Orp203 Orp Meter
Orp213+ Orp14 Orp Meter
Orp400 Cal. Solution
Oscilloscope At.7328
Oscilloscope At.7340
Oxel03 Probefilling Electrolyte
Oxhd04 Spare Probe Head With Diaphragma
Oxpb01c ( Probe F/ Do5510)
Oxpb01c( 4Meter) Replaced 01B
Oxpb09 F/ Do5509
Oxpb11 F/ Do5511/ 5510
Ozone Meter
Paket Peralatan Sampler Debu Tsp
Panci Penguapan ( Epavoration Pan Saja)
Panci Penguapan ( Epavoration Pan Saja)
Parachute Signal
Parr Instrument,
Pb21 Frequency Counter
Pc6009 Power Clamp Meter
Pc6010 Power Clamp Meter
Pcd431 Conductivity Meter
Pcd432 Conductivity Meter
Pco350 Co Meter, Pen Type
Pdo519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
Pdo520 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
Pdt2250 Controller/ Monitor
Pe01 Ph Electrode
Pe02 Heavy Duty Ph Electrode
Pe03 For Trpht1a4
Pe03 Ph Electroda
Pe03k7 Ph Electrode + Temp Probe
Pe04hd Spear Tip Ph Electrode
Pe05t Ph Electroda
Pe06hd Spear Tip Ph Electrode
Pe08 Plane Ph Electrode
Pe11 Ph Electroda
Pe21 Ph Electroda
Pelampung Work Vest, Lifevest
Pemadam Api Mini
Pemadam Kebakaran
Pembangkit Listrik
Penakar Hujan Plastik
Penakar Hujan Stainless Steel
Penakar Hujan Steel ( Bisa Karatan)
Pentungan, Baton
Peralatan Hydrant
Perlengkapan Basarnas,
Perlengkapan Hydrant
Perlengkapan Masak,
Personal Eal Time Particulate Air Monitors
Personal Noise Dosimeter
Pertolongan Pertama Kit
Pesticide Residu Detection
Peta Laut
Petrol Engine Pumps
Ph Digital Tanah
Ph Meter
Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, Do Meter, Turbidity Meter, Bod, Toc Dll
Ph Tester
Ph/ Conductivity/ Temperature Tester
Ph04 Ph 4 Buffer Solution
Ph04a Ph Buffer Solution
Ph07 Ph 7 Buffer Solution
Ph07a Ph 7 Buffer Solution
Ph109g Ph Meter
Ph201 Ph Meter
Ph202 Ph Bench Meter
Ph206 Temp Meter
Ph207 Ph Meter
Ph207ha Ph Meter
Ph208 Ph Meter
Ph209g Green Ph Meter
Ph211 Ph Meter
Ph212 Soil Ph Meter
Ph214 Ph Bench Meter
Ph220 Pen Ph Meter
Ph220s Soil Ph Meter
Ph221 Ph Meter
Ph222 Pen Ph Meter
Ph223 Pen Ph Meter
Ph321m Ph Monitor
Ph Meter Pt.370 Boeco
Phb318 Humidity/ Barometer/ Temp Meter
Pht3109 Panel Humidity/ Temp Meter
Pht316 Humidity/ Temp Meter
Pi06 Photo Sensor
Pilot Ladder
Pipe Markers
Plastic Bag
Plx111 Light Meter
Pm-10 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
Pm-10 Personal Particulate Monitors
Pm-2, 5 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
Pm9100 Manometer
Pm9100ha Manometer
Pm9102 Manometer
Pm9107 Manometer
Pms713 Moisture Meter
Pms714 Soil Moisture Meter
Pocket Digital Multimeter ( Hard Case & Soft Case )
Pocket Soil Penetrometer
Polari Meter
Pompa Apung Floating Pump
Portable Digital Lux Meter
Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Portable Flue Gas Analysis
Portable Generator Genset
Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer
Portable High Volume Air Samplers
Portable High Volume Air Samplers ( Automatic)
Portable Identification Corrosion
Portable Light, Lampu Senter, Spotlight
Portable Low Volume Air Samplers
Portable Multi-Parameter Water Quality
Portable Odor Catch
Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
Portable Ph/ Conductivity/ Tds Meter
Portable Photometer Water Analysis
Portable Spectroradiometer System
Portable Total Suspended Solid ( Tss Meter)
Portable Vibration Meter
Portable Water Quality System
Portable Water Quality Test
Power Meter Recorders
Power Sprayer
Power Supply For Calibator
Pp97 S 2M ( Prism Pole)
Pp97 S 5M ( Prism Pole)
Pph2108 Ph Controller/ Monitor
Pps9312 Pressure Controller/ Monitor
Precision Balance
Precision Balance Series 1200
Precision Balance Series 1201
Precision Balance Series 1202
Precision Balance Series 1203
Precission True Rms Digital Multimeter
Prisma Sokkia
Prisma Topcon
Proguard Helmet
Protective Wear
Prova 100 4 To 20Ma Loop Calibrator
Prova 11 Ac/ Dc Ma Trms Clamp Meter
Prova 123 Multifunction Calibrator
Prova 125 Temperature Calibrator
Prova 15 Ma Ac/ Dc Current Probe
Prova 2009 Ac/ Dc Trms Watt Clamp
Prova 400 Ac/ Dc Watt Clamp
Prova 5600/ 61/ 37 Clampon Ground Tester
Prova 6600 3P/ 1P Power Clamp
Prova 66013P/ 1P Pf Power Clamp
Prova 6800 Power Quality Analyzer
Prova 69 Temperature Logger
Prova Avm03 Anemometer
Prova Avm05 / 07 Flow Anemometer
Prova Cm01 Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter
Prova Cm02 / 04 Ac/ Dc Automotive Clamp Meter
Prova Cm03 Leakage Clamp
Prova Cm05 Ac/ Dc Current Probe
Prova Cm07 Trms Ac / Dc Clamp Meter
Prs2321 Controller/ Monitor
Ps100xxbar Pressure Sensor
Ps2243 Dc Power Supply ( 3A Continuously )
Ps2245 Dc Power Supply ( 5A Continuously )
Ps305 Single Output Dc Power Supply ( Cv = 030Vdc / Cc= 05A)
Ps403 Pressure Adapter
Ps9302 Pressure Meter
Ps9302+ Ps100xxbar+ Ca06
Ps93dv20bar Pressure Transducer
Ps93maxxbar Pressure Transducer
Psa311 Salt Meter
Ptm806 Thermometer
Ptm816 Thermometer
Punching Tools ( Cutting )
Puv360 Pen Uv Light Meter
Pvb820 Pen Vibration Meter
Pwa301 Pure Water Meter
Px01 Proximity Sensor
Px02 Proximity Sensor
Radiation Meter Monitor
Rain Coat Stearn, Onguard, Frogg Toggs
Rain Gauge, Rainfall Monitor, Curah Hujan
Razor Wire
Rbox408 Resistance Decade Box
Rcb110v Rccb Checker
Rcb220v Rccb Checker
Reagent Test 57 Parameter
Real Time Particulate Air Monitors
Rechargeable Lamp
Red Hand Flare
Regulatory Marking
Relative Humidity Temperature Meter
Renco Preg-Alert Pro Preg-Alert Pro
Respirator Model Sg-4160B ( 100 Khz - 150 Mhz )
Rf Signal Generator / Counter Model Sg 4162Ad ( 100 Khz-150 Mhz)
Rf Signal Generator
Rgb1002 Color Analyzer
Rha33 Humidity Calibrator
Rha75 Humidity Calibrator
Ringgelman Smoke Opacity Meter
Rock Wool ( Heating Insulation)
Rock Wool Plate
Rock Wool Tube
Rock Wools Elbow
Rsc801 Conventer
Rt606 3 Phase Rotation Tester
Rt608 3 Phase & Motor Rotation Tester
Rt616 3 Phase Rotation Tester
Rtd Thermometer With Probe
Rubber Shoes
Rugged Workwear
Sabre Coupling
Safety Boot Briggs Style 311 Shoe
Safety Boot Elastic Sided Boot
Safety Boot Slip On
Safety Equitments Halogen,
Safety Extinguishers
Safety Fire Fighting
Safety Gloves
Safety Joger
Safety Shoes
Safety Signs
Safety Wear
Safetyboot 9 ' Rigger Boot
Sanitarian Field Kit
Sanitarian Field Kit-Digital
Sanitarian Field Kit-Manual
Sanitarian Inspection Test Kit
Sarung Tangan,
Sb01 Wind Shield Ball
Sc941 ( 94Db) Sound Calibrator
Sc942 ( 94Db/ 114Db) Sound Calibrator
Screen Mesh
Se6100 Signal Tracer / Injector
Season Outerwear
Sekur Dpi
Self Contained Spill Kit
Selimut Tahan Api Fire Blanket
Separator Filter
Seragam Anti Api
Sg4160b ( Rf Signal Generator ( 100Khz150mhz)
Sg4162ad ( 100Khz150mhz)
Shigh Shield Google
Siamese Connection
Sieve ( Saringan) O33
Sight Grid Signal Mirror
Signal Kit
Signal Lamp,
Simple Water Heavy Metal Analysis
Single Gas Detectors
Sistem Alarm Kebakaran
Sistem Keamanan Cctv
Sl130 Digital Sound Level Meter
Sl3113g Sound Level Meter
Sl4001 Sound Level Meter
Sl4010 Sound Level Meter
Sl4011 Sound Level Meter
Sl4012 Sound Level Meter
Sl4013 Sound Level Meter
Sl4022 Sound Level Meter
Sl4023sd ( End Dec)
Sl4030 Sound Level Meter
Sl406 Sound Adapter
Sl407 Sound Level Meter
Sl4112 Sound Level Meter
Sl4113g Green Power Multimeter
Sleeping Bag,
Sleeping Bag, Tent Cot,
Smart Sensor Digital Anemo Meter
Smart Sensor Digital Lux Meter
Smart Sensor Digital Sound Level Meter
Smart Sensor Digital Sound Level Meter
Smart Sensor Electronic Anemometer
Smart Sensor Infrared Thermo Meter
Smart Sensor,
Smoke Soot Test Pump
So2 Gas Detector
Soil Tester / Soil Test Kit / Uji Tanah
Soil Colour Book Munsell Versi Baru Usa
Soil Colour Book Munsell Versi Baru Usa
Soil Colour Book Munsell Versi Lama Usa
Soil Colour Book Munsell Versi Lama Usa
Soil Devider / Pembagi Sample Tanah
Soil Devider / Pembagi Sample Tanah
Soil Moisture Meter
Soil Ph Meter, Temperature, Moisture, Lux Meter ( Digital)
Soil Ph Tester
Soil Salinity Tester
Soil Sample Tube
Soil Sieve ( Saringan)
Soil Sieve Test
Soil Sieve Test
Soil Tester Kit
Solar Panel
Solar Power Meter
Solo Sprayer
Son H
Sound Level Meter
Sound Level Meter Ai 320
Sound Level Meter And Automatic Check
Sound Level Meter And Calibrator
Sound Level Meter And Calibrator Type-1
Sound Level Meter Bg 325
Sound Level Meter Brand Rion
Sounding Tape
Sport Boots
Sporting Lamp
Spotcheck Penetrant
Spray Nozzle
Sprinkers & Valves ' Viking ' , Ul/ Fm Ex: Usa
St50 Shunt
Stailess Sanitary Flow Equipment ( Pipes , Fittings, Unions, Valveauxilaries
Staplex Indonesia,
Strobo Ligh
Survey Meter
Sw808 8 Meters Data Acquisition Software
Swimming Pool Water Test Kit
Swu801win Software For Intelligent Instrument
Sy Al 26
Sy Al 32
T/ C Thermometer Type K With Bead Probe
Ta35 Tachometer Adapter
Ta601 Tachometer Adapter
Tabung Oksigen + Isi Kapasitas ( Kapasitas 0.5M3, Kapasitas 1M3, Kapasitas 1, 5M3, Kapasitas 2M3)
Tabung Pemadam
Tanda Bahaya
Tanda Keselamatan
Tanda Peringataan
Tandu Aluminum / Steel,
Tangga Tali
Tangga, Ladder
Tas Bag
Tas P3k
Tas Punggung P3k
Tas Selempang P3k
Tc920 Thermometer Calibrator
Tds Meter
Temperature & Humidity Meter With Clock
Temperature Calibrator
Tenda Cafe,
Tenda Camping,
Tenda Canopy,
Tenda Dapur,
Tenda Darurat,
Tenda Doom,
Tenda Garasi,
Tenda Gazebo,
Tenda Gurita,
Tenda Kantin,
Tenda Kebun,
Tenda Keluarga / Tenda Outbond,
Tenda Kerucut,
Tenda Lipat,
Tenda Pameran,
Tenda Panggung,
Tenda Parasol,
Tenda Parkir,
Tenda Payung,
Tenda Peleton,
Tenda Pengungsi,
Tenda Pesta,
Tenda Posko,
Tenda Pramuka,
Tenda Promosi,
Tenda Sipil / Lapangan,
Tenda Toilet,
Test Lead
Texturized Fiberglass
Tfc 3000U Universal Counter ( 1 Hz 3000Mhz)
Thermo Anemometer-Manometer
Thermo Hygrometer
Thermo Hygrometer Analog
Thermo Hygrometer Digital ( In Door, Out Door, Time, Alarm Calender)
Thermometer, 4 Channels ( Lutron Tm-903A )
Thermometer Special Food Industri
Thermometer, Humidity & Moisture Meter
Tl02as Alligator Test Lead
Tl03 For Dm9023
Tl88 Heavy Duty Test Lead
Tlsm15 Smd Test Clips
Tm2000 Thermometer
Tm903a Thermometer
Tm906a Dual Thermometer
Tm907a Preccision Degree Thermometer
Tm909al Replaced Tm900 Infrared Thermometer
Tm9126 Thermometer Type K/ J/ R/ E/ T
Tm914c Replaced Tm902c Dual Channel Thermometer
Tm916 Dual Thermometer
Tm917 Precision Degree Thermometer
Tm919al Replaced Tm900 Infrared Thermometer
Tm924c Two Channel Thermometer
Tm925 Two Channel Thermometer
Tm928g Dual Channel Thermometer
Tm936 Thermometer
Tm939 Ir Thermometer
Tm946 ( To Offer Tm947sd Better) Thermometer
Tm956 Infrared Thermometer
Tm958 Infrared Thermometer
Tm959 Infrared Thermometer
Tm966 ( Forehead Ir Thermometer)
Tm969 Infrared Thermometer
Total Station & Laser Total Station ( Include Prisma , * Jalaon, Treepot)
Tp01 Type K Temperature Probe
Tp01 Type K Temperature Probe
Tp02a Type K Temperature Probe
Tp02a Type K Temperature Probe
Tp03 Type K Temperature Probe
Tp04 Type K Temperature Probe
Tp06 Optional Temp, Probe For Ph Meter
Tp07 Optional Temp, Probe For Ph Meter
Tp100 For Trtmp1a4
Tp100 Pt 100 Ohm Temp.Probe
Tp101 F/ Tm946
Tq8800 Torque Meter
Tq8801 Torque Wrench, 100 Kgcm
Tq8803 Torque Wrench, 100 Kgcm
Traca1a41a Aca Transmitter
Tracv1a4150v Acv Transmitter
Tradesman Ladder
Traffic Cone
Trcdt1a4 Conductivity Transmitter
Trclp1a4 ( N.A.N) Clamp Transmitter
Trdca1a4200ua Dca Transmitter
Trd Cv1a4200v
Trdcv1a420v Dcv Transmitter
Trdot1a4 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
Trhzt1a4 Frequency Transmitter
Triangle Segitiga Pengaman
Tripod Elt 50 ( Laser)
Tripod Gjatfo ( Orange)
Trldt1a4 Load Cell Transmitter
Trpht1a4 Ph Transmitter
Trps2w20bar 2 Wires Pressure Transmitter
Trpst1a4 Clamp Transmitter
Trptt1a4 Potential Transmitter
Trrh2w Wires Humidity Transmitter
Trrpm1a4 Rpm Transmitter
Trslt1a4 Sound Transmitter
Trtmk1a4 Temp Transmitter
Trtmp1a4 Temp Transmitter
Trvbt1a4 Vibration Transmitter
Tss Meter Partech 704
Tss Meter Royce 711
Tss Meter Hach
Tsp-Digital High Volume Air Samplers
Tu2016 Turbidity Meter
Turbidity Meter
Tyvek Dupont Tychem Coverall
Under Amour
Under Vechicle Mirror
Unifersal Counter Model Tfc-3000Au ( 1Hz - 3000Mhz)
Upcb01 Usb Cable
Upcb02 Rs 232 Cable For Intelligent Instrument
Upcb03 ( 20M) F/ Prs2321
Upcb06 For Dm9960
Usb01 Usb01
Uv340a Uv340
Uva365 Uv0a Light Meter
Uvc254 Uva Light Meter
Uvex Google
Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Hach Dr5000
Uv-Vis Spectro Photometer 9100
Uv&Ndash; Vis Spectrophotometer Model Sp 3000 Nano
Uv&Ndash; Vis Spectrophotometer Model Optima Sp-300
Vacum Pump Roker 300 Roker 400 Roker 600
Valve & Coupling
Valves ' Weilong ' Ul/ Fm Ex: China
Vane Probe Thermo-Anemometer
Vb8200 Vibration Meter
Vb8201ha Vibration Meter
Vb8202 Vibration Meter
Vb8203 Vibration Meter
Vb8210 Vibration Meter
Vb8212 Vibration Meter
Vb8213 Vibration Meter
Vb8220 Vibration Meter
Vc9200 Vacuum Meter
Vd60 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Velbed Aluminum / Steel,
Vt8204 Vibration/ Tachometer
Wa2015 Ph/ Orp, Do, Cd/ Tds Meter
Wa2017sd Ph/ Orp, Do, Cd/ Tds, Salt Meter
Wa300 Pure Water Tester
Water Do Meter
Water Pack
Water Tank
Water Test Kit
Water Test Kit And Bakteriological
Welding Asbestos Mat
Welding Blanket
Welding Chemical
Welding Glove
Welding Supplies ( Spazero)
Western Hard Hat
Wg01 Wedge Grip
Wh08 Case Holder F/ Ht306
Willson Eyewear
Wire Mesh
Wire Rope
Wood Moisture Teter
Yk10lx Light Meter,
Yk2001ph Intelligent Ph Meter
Yk2001tm Intelligent Thermometer
Yk2004ah Hot Wire Anemometer
Yk2004cd Conductivity Meter
Yk2005ah Hot Wire Anemometer
Yk2005am Anemometer
Yk2005cd Conductivity Meter
Yk2005lx Light Meter, Real Time Data Logger
Yk2005rh Humidity Meter Real Time Data Logger
Yk2005tm Multifunction Thermometer
Yk2005wa Ph/ Orp, Do, Cd/ Tds Meter
Yk200pal Anemometer Probe
Yk200pam Metal Anemometer Probe
Yk200pas Mini Vane Anemometer Probe
Yk200patc Atc Probe
Yk200pcd Conductivity Probe
Yk200pct Conductivity/ Tds Probe
Yk200pdo Dissolved Oxygen
Yk200pir Infrared Temperature Probe
Yk200plx Light Probe
Yk200prh Humidity Probe
Yk2014cd Conductivity Meter
Yk21ph Ph Meter
Yk22ct Conductivity/ Tds Meter
Yk22do Disolved Oxygen Meter
Yk23rp Orp Meter
Yk30wa Pure Water Tester
Yk31sa Salt Meter
Yk35uv Uv Light Meter
Yk36uv Uv Light Meter
Yk43cd Conductivity Meter
Yk80am Anemometer
Yk80ap Anemometer
Yk80as Anemometer80as
Yk90ht+ Ca06
Ec , Tds, Temp Ad 32
Ph Meter Ad-11
Multi Parameter Ad-110
Altimeter Highgear
Gasoline Engine Tachometer Sm-8237
Digital Multimeter Appa 55 Seri Ii
Automotive Multimeter Appa 25
Digital Thermometer Appa-51
Digital Multi Meter / Thermometer Appa-55 Ii
Anemo, Humidity, Temp, Baro Az-8909
Dehumidifier D75
Ph Meter Daging Pt.370
Nama Product Type
Speed Gun 101911
Gas Detector Bw 1 Gases
Gas Detector Bw 4 Gases
Gas Detector Bw 4 Gases ( Pump )
Gas Detector Bw Micro Pid 5 Gases
Coloni Counter 8500
Meat Moisture Meter Meat Moisture
Outomotive Multi Meter Jt.148
Infrared Thermometer -50 To 550 Oc 656F
Combustibel Gas Detector Spd 202 Ex
Digital Oxigen Meter ( Do Meter ) Spd 201
Thermohygrometer 642
Grain Moisture Meter ( Kadar Air Pada Biji Bijian ) Mc.7825G
Anemometer Am - 4836
Tools Sett Dt-10
Kaca Pembesar Meja 3 Diaptor
Kaca Pembesar Meja 5 Diaptor
Multi Parameter Wqc22a
Multi Parameter Wqc24
Portable Ph Meter For Food Applications Hm-17Mx
Dehumidifier ( 26 L/ Day ) Hdh026
Dehumidifier ( 58 L/ Day ) Hdh058
Dehumidifier ( 90 L/ Day ) Hdh908
Combustibel Gas Detector Ez - 40
Combustibel Gas Detector Glo
Fiel Stengh Meter ( 2 Axis ) 480823
Fiel Stengh Meter ( 3 Axis ) 480836
Moisture Meter Mo210
Moisture Meter Mo280
Moisture Meter 260
Ph, Mv, Temp, Cond, Tds, Do Do 700
Ec Meter Ec 400
Ec Meter Ec 500
Ph, Cond, Tds, Salt, Resistivity, , Mv And Temp Ec 600
Personal Noise Dosi Meter 407355
Infrared Camera Flir I7
Multifunction Calibrator 725
Digital Multimeter 115
Digital Multi Meter 179
Digital Multi Meter 179
Clamp Meter 376
Vibration Tester 810
Therma Imager Ti 32
Infrared Thermometer 572
Infrared Thermometer 572
Infrared Thermometer 574
Ac / Dc Clam Meter 376
Clam Meter 337
Loop Calibration 705
Multi Function Calibrator 725
Multi Function Calibrator 725Ex
Earh Grounding Tester 1621
Processmeter 789
Fujibin Humidifier 99% Rh Fb-Ctw-7000
Gps 76Csx
Pneumatic Calibrator Dpi 615Pc
Pneumatic Calibrator Dpi 615 Is Pc
Loop Calibrator Ups Ii
Lop Calibrator Ups Ii Ups Ii
Lop Calibrator Ups Iii Ups Iii
Pressure Calibrator 610S Pc 30
Portable Gas Analizer Ga 5000
Gas Extraction Monitor Gem 5000
Portable Gas Analizer Biogas 5000
Tss Meter Hach
Rotari Evaporator ( Ready ) Hs-2005-V-N
Rotari Evaporator ( Ready ) Hs-2005-S-N
Rotari Evaporator ( Indent ) Hs-2005-N-S
Battery Tester Dsr 77
Anemometer Kestrel 2500
Anemometer Kestrel 2000
Anemometer Kestrel 4000
Anemometer Kestrel 4000
Anemometer Kestrel 4100
Anemometer Kestrel 4500
Anemometer Kestrel 1000
Anemo Meter - Kestrel 4500
Multi Grain Moisture Meter Pm 400
Copra Molisture Meter Hx 120
Grain Moistrume Meter Fd-610
Dehumidifier ( 0.7 L/ Day) Epi608d-1
Dehumidifier ( 10 L/ Day) Mfd10-5100Mr
Dehumidifier ( 20 L/ Day) Pd20e-20
Weather Station Vantage Pro2&Trade; 6162 Uk

Davis Vantage Vue
Davis Software And Datalogger Untuk Type 6250Uk 6510 Usb
Tripot 7716
Cabled Vantage Pro2&Trade;
Digital Laser Meter ( 70 Meter ) Dxt
Digital Laser Meter ( 100 Meter ) D3a
Digital Laser Meter ( 200 Meter ) D5
Osiloscope ( 28 Mz ) At 7328
Osiloscope ( 40 Mz ) At 7340
Universal Counter ( 1Hz-3000Mhz ) Tfc-3000U
Klimamesser ( Analog ) Analog
Thermometer ( Th, Ir, Dp, Cfg ) E200ir
Vibration Meter Vt 8204
Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Thermometer Lm 8000
Thermo Couple Tc 920
Digital Watt Meter Dw6091
Digital Watt Meter

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