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    Jual Gas Detector Indonesia Distributor Agen

    • Negara Asal
      : Indonesia
    • Harga
      : IDR 001
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      : 11 Jan 2013

    Spesifikasi Produk Gas Detector Indonesia Distributor Agen

    1) Single Gas Detector.
    Type : Micro Iv.
    Product : Gig ( Germany) .
    &Ordf; Sensor Type : Electrochemical
    &Ordf; Gases : Toxic Gases, Oxygen And Hidrogen
    &Ordf; Gas Supply : Diffusion / Pump ( Optional)
    &Ordf; Temperature Range : -20 To 50 &Deg; C
    &Ordf; Humidity : 5 To 99% Rh
    &Ordf; Pressure : 700 To 1300 Hpa
    &Ordf; Size / Weight : 47 X 88 X 25 Mm ( W X H X D) / 85 G
    &Ordf; Protection Class : Ip54
    &Ordf; Operational Time : Up To 9 Months
    &Ordf; Power Supply : One Aa Battrey Type Duracel
    &Ordf; Approval : Atex Ii 2G Eex Ib Iic T4/ T3
    -20&Deg; C Dta + 45&Deg; C/ + 55&Deg; C
    &Ordf; Ec-Type Certificate : Dmt 99 Atex E 044
    &Ordf; Alarms : 3 Thresold Alarms, Battrey Alarm,
    Stel, Twa
    &Ordf; Visual : 2 Leds, 360&Deg; Visible
    &Ordf; Audible : 95 Db ( A) ( 30 Cm)

    Select Portable Single Gas Detector Includes With Sensor
    1 Portable Single Gas Detector + O2 ( Oxygen) , 0~ 25% Volume

    2 Portable Single Gas Detector + Co ( Carbon Monoxide) , 300 Ppm

    3 Portable Single Gas Detector + Co ( Carbon Monoxide) , 1000 Ppm

    4 Portable Single Gas Detector + Co ( Carbon Monoxide) , 2000 Ppm

    5 Portable Single Gas Detector + H2s ( Hydrogen Sulphide) , 100 Ppm

    6 Portable Single Gas Detector + H2s ( Hydrogen Sulphide) , 500 Ppm

    7 Portable Single Gas Detector + Nh3 ( Ammonia) , 200 Ppm

    8 Portable Single Gas Detector + Nh3 ( Ammonia) , 500 Ppm

    9 Portable Single Gas Detector + No ( Nitrogen Monoxide) , 100 Ppm

    10 Portable Single Gas Detector + No2 ( Nitrogen Dioxide) , 30 Ppm

    11 Portable Single Gas Detector + So2 ( Sulphur Dioxide) , 10 Ppm

    12 Portable Single Gas Detector + Cl2 ( Chlorine) , Range : 10 Ppm

    13 Portable Single Gas Detector + Clo2 ( Chlorine Dioxide) , 2 Ppm

    14 Portable Single Gas Detector + O3 ( Ozone) , Range : 1 Ppm

    15 Portable Single Gas Detector + Ph3 ( Phospine) , Range : 10 Ppm

    16 Portable Single Gas Detector + C2h4o ( Ethylene Oxide) , 20 Ppm

    17 Portable Single Gas Detector + Hcn ( Hydrogen Cyanide) , 50 Ppm

    18 Portable Single Gas Detector + Hcl ( Hydrogen Chloride) , 30 Ppm

    19 Portable Single Gas Detector + Cocl2 ( Phosgene) , 2 Ppm

    20 Portable Single Gas Detector + Hf ( Hydrogen Floride) , 10 Ppm

    21 Portable Single Gas Detector + H2 ( Hydrogen) , 2000 Ppm
    2) Portable Multigas Detector
    Type : G450
    Product : Gfg ( Germany)
    Fungsi : Untuk Monitoring Gas ( Ch4/ C3h8, O2, H2s, Co) Di Area Kerja

    &Ordf; Sensor Gas : Ch4/ C3h8 : 0-100% Lel
    : O2 : 0~ 25% Vol
    : H2s : 0~ 100 Ppm
    : Co : 0~ 500 Ppm
    &Ordf; Approval : Ex Ii 2G Ex Ia De Iic T4
    -20&Deg; C Dta D + 55&Deg; C
    With Nimh Battery Module ( Black)
    : Ex Ii 2G Ex Ia De Iic T4/ T3
    -20&Deg; C Dta + 45&Deg; C/ + 55&Deg; C
    With Alkaline Battery Module ( Grey)
    &Ordf; Eec Performance : Bvs 06 Atex E 017 X
    : Pfg 09 G 001
    : En 60079-29-1 ( Combustible Gases)
    : En 40104 ( Oxygen)
    : En 45544 ( Toxic Gases)
    &Ordf; Ec : Din En 50270: 1999
    : Radio Shielding : Type Class 1
    : Interferences Resistance : Type Class Ii
    &Ordf; Display : Iluminated Full-Graphic Lcd With
    Colour Change For Alarm, Automatic
    Size Adjusment For Optimal Readout,
    Zoom Function For Maximum Readability
    Gas Concentration At Current Value And
    Peak Level, Indication Of Battery Capacity
    And Real Time Clock
    &Ordf; Lifetime Sensor : Up To 5 Years, Depending Sensors
    &Ordf; Audible Alarm : 103 Db ( A) Can Be Reduced To 90 Db ( A)
    &Ordf; Vibration : Vibration Alarm ( Optional)
    &Ordf; Temperature : -20 To 55 &Deg; C ( Operation)
    : -25 To 55 &Deg; C ( Storage)
    : 0 To 30 &Deg; C ( Recommended)
    &Ordf; Humidity : 5~ 95% Rh ( Storage And Operational)
    &Ordf; Power Supply : Nimh Or Alkaline Battery
    &Ordf; Size/ Weight : 75W X 110H X 36D Mm / 290-350 G,
    Display Diagonal 55 Mm
    &Ordf; Material : Rubberised Policarbonate
    &Ordf; Protection Class : Ip67

    Complete Unit :
    1 Main Unit G450
    2 Sensor : O2, Co, H2s, Ch4
    3 Nimh Battery Pack
    4 Charging Set
    5 Datalogger Set , Software, And Usb Cable
    6 Steel Belt Clip
    7 Storage Case
    3) Multi Gas Detector With 7-Gas Detector
    Type : G460
    Product : Gfg ( Germany)
    Fungsi : Untuk Mendeteksi
    Kadar Gas Di Udara
    Dengan Pembacaan
    Gas 7 Jenis Secara
    &Ordf; Range Sensor Gas
    1 O2 ( Oxygen) : 0~ 25 % Vol
    2 Co ( Carbon Monoxide) : 0~ 300 Ppm
    3 Co ( Carbon Monoxide) : 0~ 500 Ppm
    4 Co ( Carbon Monoxide) : 0~ 1000 Ppm
    5 Co ( Carbon Monoxide) : 0~ 2000 Ppm
    6 Co2 ( Carbon Dioxide) : 0~ 5% Vol
    7 Co2 ( Carbon Dioxide) : 0~ 25% Vol
    8 H2s ( Hydrogen Sulfide) : 0~ 100 Ppm
    9 H2s ( Hydrogen Sulfide) : 0~ 500 Ppm
    10 Ch4 ( Methane) : 0~ 100% Lel
    11 No ( Nitrogen Monoxide) : 0~ 100 Ppm
    12 No2 ( Nitrogen Dioxide) : 0~ 30 Ppm
    13 So2 ( Sulphur Dioxide) : 0~ 10 Ppm
    14 Nh3 ( Ammonia) : 0~ 200 Ppm
    15 Cl2 ( Chlorine) : 0~ 10 Ppm
    16 Clo2 ( Chlorine Dioxide) : 0~ 2 Ppm
    17 Hcl ( Hydrogen Chloride : 0~ 30 Ppm
    18 C2h4o ( Ethylene Oxide) : 0~ 20 Ppm
    19 Ph3 ( Phosphine) : 0-10 Ppm
    20 C3h8 ( Propane) : 0~ 100 Lel
    21 H2 ( Hydrogen) : 0~ 2000 Ppm
    22 H2 ( Hydrogen) : 0~ 1% Vol

    &Ordf; Read Gas : Up To 7 Gas
    &Ordf; Sensor Type : Cc ( Catalytic Combustion)
    : Ir ( Infrared)
    : Ec ( Electrochemical)
    : Pid ( Photo Ionization Detectors)
    &Ordf; Datalogging : 1800 Measured Value Per Gas
    &Ordf; Memory : Sd-Memory Card For Permanent
    Data Up To 45 Years
    &Ordf; Interval : 1S-60 Min Recording Of Average, Peak
    Or Instantaneous Values Selectable
    &Ordf; Lifetime Sensor : Up To 5 Years, Depending Sensors
    &Ordf; Audible Alarm : 103 Db ( A) Can Be Reduced To 90 Db ( A)
    &Ordf; Vibration : Vibration Alarm ( Optional)
    &Ordf; Temperature : -20 To 55 &Deg; C ( Operation)
    : -25 To 55 &Deg; C ( Storage)
    : 0 To 30 &Deg; C ( Recommended)
    &Ordf; Humidity : 5~ 95% Rh ( Storage And Operational)
    &Ordf; Power Supply : Nimh Or Alkaline Battery
    &Ordf; Size/ Weight : 75W X 110H X 36D Mm / 290-350 G, Display Diagonal 55 Mm
    &Ordf; Material : Rubberised Policarbonate
    &Ordf; Protection Class : Ip67

    23 H2 ( Hydrogen) : 0~ 4% Vol
    24 Lel : 0~ 100 Ppm
    25 C4h8 ( Voc-Isobutylene) : 0~ 500 Ppm
    26 C4h8 ( Voc-Isobutylene) : 0~ 2000 Ppm

    4) G460/ 4 Multi-Gas Detector
    Complete Unit
    1 Sensor Gas : O2, Co, Ch4, H2s
    2 Nimh Battrey Pack With Explosion-Proof Led Light And Vibrator
    3 Rechargeable Nimh
    4 Smart Calibration Cup
    5 Steel Belt Clip With Adapter
    6 Storage Case
    5) G460/ 7 Multi-Gas Detector
    Complete Unit
    1 Sensor Gas : Co/ H2s, O2, Cl2, Lel, Co2/ Ch4
    2 Nimh Battrey Pack With Explosion-Proof Led Light And Vibrator
    3 Compact Motorized Pump With Hose Inlet 30 Cm Sampling Tube
    4 Dataloger, Software And Usb Cable
    5 Smart Calibration Cup
    6 Steel Belt Clip With Adapter
    7 Storage Case
    6) G460/ 11 Multi-Gas Detector

    Complete Unit
    1 Sensor Gas :
    &Ordf; O2 : 0~ 25% Vol
    &Ordf; Co : 0~ 500 Ppm
    &Ordf; H2s : 100 Ppm
    &Ordf; Nh3 : 1000 Ppm
    &Ordf; Cl2 : 10 Ppm
    &Ordf; So2 : 10 Ppm
    &Ordf; No : 100 Ppm
    &Ordf; No2 : 30 Ppm
    &Ordf; Lel : 100%
    &Ordf; Co2/ Ch4 : ( Co2 : 25% Vol / Ch4 : 100% Vol)
    2 Nimh Battery Pack
    3 Rechargeable Nimh Battery Pack With Vibraor And Led Light
    4 Plug In Charge For Nimh
    5 Datalogger, Software And Usb Cable
    6 Smart Calibration Cup
    7 Steel Belt Clip
    8 Carrying Case
    7) Handheld Gas Analyzer,
    Type : Delta 65,
    Parameter Gases : ( 02, Co2, Co, Ambient Air Temperature, Flue Gas Temperature)

    Main Features:
    - Smallest Instrument With Ergonomic Design
    - Modern Design, Rugged Rubber Protection Case With Fixing Magnet
    - Optimized Condensate Trap With Reusable Star Filter ( Ptfe)
    - Well Legible, Backlit Lcd Display ( 4 Lines)
    - Mini Usb Interface For Cable Data Transfer To Pc And Internal Battery Charging
    - Data Storage Up To 100 Measurements
    - Integrated Rechargeable Batteries ( Nimh) For Min. 8 Hours Operation
    - Universal Usb Battery Charger For 100 ... 240 Vac Grid Power
    - Infrared Interface For High Speed Printer
    - Intergrated Fuel Type List: Natural Gas, Liquid Gas, Oil Heavy, Oil Light, Pellets, Wood, Bio ---Diesel, Expandable Fuel Type List
    - Bluetooth For Wireless Datatransmission ( Option)
    - Appr. 500 G Weight

    Measurement Range
    O2 0 ... 21, 00 %
    Co2 Calculated Value 0 ... 20, 00 %
    Co 0 ... 4.000 Ppm
    Ambient Air Temperature Up To 100&Deg; C
    Flue Gas Temperature Up To 1.100&Deg; C
    Stack Draft Measurement &Plusmn; 50 Hpa
    Differential Pressure 50 ... &Plusmn; 200 Hpa
    Differential Temperature
    Up To 1100&Deg; C.
    8) Handheld Gas Analyzer,
    Type: Optima 7
    The Most Powerful Handheld Multigas Analyzer For Industrial Combustions, Emission And Process Monitoring Measurements
    Using Up To 5 Electrochemical Sensors.

    Feature :
    - Suitable For Emission Monitoring Of Combustions And Industrial Processes
    - Modern, Slimline Enclosure With Fixing Magnets
    - Super Bright, Colour 3, 5&Rdquo; Tft-Display With Led Backlight
    - Mini-Usb For Cable Data Transfer
    - Irda Interface For High Speed Infrared Printer
    - Integrated Condensate Trap With Ptfe Filter And Led Backlight
    - Menu Guided Software And Function Keys
    - Robust Stainless Steel Gas Connectors
    - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery For Min. 15 Hours, Or Nimh For Min. 6 Hours Operation
    - Less Than 800 Gr. Weight ( For Instrument Only)

    Measurement Range
    O2 : 0 ... 21, 00 %
    Co2 Calculated Value : 0 ... 20, 00 %
    Co Low : 0 ... 300 Ppm
    Co/ H2 Compensated : 0 ... 4.000 Ppm
    No Low : 0 ... 300 Ppm
    No : 0 ... 1.000 Ppm
    No2 : 0 ... 200 Ppm
    Nox : 0 ... 2.000 Ppm
    So2 : 0 ... 2.000 Ppm
    H2s : 0 ... 2, 0 %
    Co High : 0 ... 10, 00 %
    Co Very High : Up To 100&Deg; C
    Combustion Air Temperature : Up To 1.100&Deg; C *
    Stack Gas Temperature : &Plusmn; 100 Hpa
    Stack Draft Measurement : &Plusmn; 100 Hpa
    Differential Pressure : Up To 1.100&Deg; C *
    Differential Temperature : 0 ... 21, 00 %

    9) Personal Four Gas Monitor
    Model Gx-2003.

    Csa Approved
    Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Structure

    For Patrol In Petrochemical Plants And City Gas Facilities
    Confirms Safety In Wastewater Management Facilities, Waste Disposal Plants, And Manhole Tasks

    Explosion-Proof Model, Aspiration Pump Type
    One Item Five Compounds ( Ch4 Detection Is Possible When In High Concentration)
    Small Size, Light Weight, Simultaneous Detection Of Multiple Compounds
    Vibration, Visual And Audible Alarm Types
    2 Batteries ( Ni-Cd/ Alkaline Battery)
    Up To 600 Hours Of Datalogging With Alarm Trends


    Gas Detected
    All Combustible Gasses
    ( Methane Standard)
    Detection Principle : Catalytic Combustion
    Detection Range : 0 - 100% Lel
    Sampling Method : Internal Sample Pump, Flow Rate 0.5 Lpm
    Display : Digital Lcd, Auto Backlight During Alarm
    Preset Alarms : 1St Alarm 10% Lel
    ( User Adjustable) 2Nd Alarm 50% Lel
    Over Alarm 100% Lel

    % Volume Methane
    Detection Principle : Thermal Conductivity
    Detection Range : 0 - 100% Vol
    Sampling Method : Internal Sample Pump, Flow Rate 0.5 Lpm
    Display : Digital Lcd, Auto Backlight During Alarm
    Preset Alarms : N/ A
    ( User Adjustable)

    Oxygen ( O2)
    Detection Principle : Galvanic Sell
    Detection Range : 0 - 40.0% Vol
    Sampling Method : Internal Sample Pump, Flow Rate 0.5 Lpm
    Display : Digital Lcd, Auto Backlight During Alarm
    Preset Alarms : 1St Low Alarm 19.5%
    ( User Adjustable) 2 Nd Low Alarm 18, 0%
    Over Alarm 40%

    Hydrogen Sulfide ( H2s)
    Detection Principle : Electro-Chemical Cell
    Detection Range : 0 - 100 Ppm
    Sampling Method : Internal Sample Pump, Flow Rate 0.5 Lpm
    Display : Digital Lcd, Auto Backlight During Alarm
    Preset Alarms : 1St Alarm 10 Ppm
    ( User Adjustable) 2Nd Alarm 30.0 Ppm
    Twa Alarm 10 Ppm
    Stel Alarm 15 Ppm
    Over Alarm 100 Ppm

    Carbon Monoxide ( Co)
    Detection Principle : Electro-Chemical Cell
    Detection Range : 0 - 500 Ppm
    Sampling Method : Internal Sample Pump, Flow Rate 0.5 Lpm
    Display : Digital Lcd, Auto Backlight During Alarm
    Preset Alarms : 1St Alarm 25 Ppm
    ( User Adjustable) 2Nd Alarm 50 Ppm
    Twa Alarm 25 Ppm
    Stel Alarm 200 Ppm
    Over Alarm 500 Ppm

    Alarm Method : Gas Alarm : 2 Step Alarm, Stel, Twa, And Over
    Trouble Alarm : Sensor Connection, Low Battery, Circuit Trouble And Calibration Error
    Special Functions : Manual Back Light Lcd ( Automatic During Alarm)
    Stel, Twa
    Peak Hold
    Continuous Display Of Current Time
    Autocalibration Or Single Calibration
    Datalogging ( Up To 600 Hours)
    Alarm Trend Data For Last 8 Alarms
    Direct Charging In Just 90 Minutes
    Calibration Reminder And Lock Out
    Operating Temp& Humidity : -20' C - + 50' C ( -4 To 12' F)
    0 To 97% Rh, Non-Condensing ( Splash Resistant)
    Response Time : Within 30 Seconds ( T90)
    Continuous Operation : Ni-Cad Battery : 10 Hours Fully Charged ( Without Any Alarm)
    Alkaline : 14 Hours ( Without Any Alarm)
    Power Source : Ni-Cad Battery Pack, Direct Or Separate Charge ( Standard)
    3 ' Aa ' Alkaline Batteries ( Option)
    Safety Design/ Approvals : Intrinsically Safe Design, Csa, C/ Us Approved
    Dimensions : Approx. 171( H) X 65( W) X 39( D) Mm -( 5.6 ' H X 2.5 ' W X 1.5 ' D)
    Weight : Approx. 300 Gr ( 68 Ounces)
    Case Material : Dust & Weather Resistant.Rfi Shielded High Impact Plastic
    Control : Five Buttons : Power/ Enter, Display, Air, Reset, Shift
    Standard Accessories : Strap, Probe, Charger, Ni-Cad Battery Pack, Rubber Boot
    Optional Accessories : Datalogging Software, Docking Stations
    Alkaline Dry Cell ( 3-Aa Size)
    Sampling Pipe


    Personal Monitoring Of Toxic Gases
    Confined Space Entry
    Refineries / Petrochemical
    Chemical Plants
    Hazardous Material
    Water / Wastewater Treatment
    Fire Services
    10) Multi Gas Portable Gas Detector
    Type: Ibrid Mx-6

    Ibrid Mx-6 Multi Gas Portable Gas Detector
    Case : Lexan/ Abs/ Stainless Steel W/ Protective Rubber Overmold
    Dimensions : 135X77x43 Mm ( 5.3X3.05X1.7 ' )
    Weight : 409 G ( 14.4 Oz)
    Display/ Readout : Stn Color Graphic Lcd
    Sensors : Combustible Gas / Methane &Ndash; Catalytic Diffusion / Infrared
    Operating Temperature Range : -20&Ordm; C To 55&Ordm; C ( -4&Ordm; F To 131&Ordm; F) Typical
    Humidity Range : 15% To 95% Non-Condensing ( Continuous) Typical
    Power Source / Run Time : Rechargeable Lithium-Ion ( Li-Ion) Battery Pack ( 24 Hours Typical)
    Gas Symbol Range Increments.
    11) Bw Honeywell Gas Alert Extreme Single Gas Detector
    Bw Gas Alert Extreme Single Gas Detector

    The Bright, Large Lcd Shows Real-Time Gas Concentrations And The Instrument&Rsquo; S Status At All Times.

    The Full Function Self-Test Verifies Sensor, Circuitry And Battery Integrity And Activates The Audible/ Visual Alarms Each Time You Turn The Instrument On. The Detector Clearly Advises The Gas Hazard Present&Mdash; Low, High, Twa And Stel Gas Alarm. Recorded Twa, Stel And Peak Exposures Can Be Displayed On Demand.

    Gasalert Extreme Provides Extraordinary Cost Of Ownership Advantages. These Include Automated Calibration, 3-Year Lithium Battery ( Available In Local Stores) And Simple, One Button Control. Each Of These Features Lowers Your Training And Maintenance Costs. Operated By An Advanced Microcontroller And An Electrochemical Sensor, The Gasalert Extreme Is Equipped With High Output Audible / Visual Alarms.

    The Compact, Rugged Gasalert Extreme Is Designed With The Most Advanced Rfi Protection Available Today. Its Ip 66/ 67 Rating Means Its Waterproof To 3Ft ( Fully Submerged) And The Gasalert Extreme Also Features A Shock Resistance Concussion-Proof Boot. Delivered Ready For Use, Simply Clip The Instrument To Your Pocket, Belt Or Hard Hat For Unequalled Protection.

    Supported Gases:

    H2s &Ndash; Hydrogen Sulfide

    No &Ndash; Nitric Oxide

    Co &Ndash; Carbon Monoxide

    Hcn &Ndash; Hydrogen Cyanide

    O2 &Ndash; Oxygen

    Cl2 &Ndash; Chlorine

    So2 &Ndash; Sulfur Dioxide

    Clo2 &Ndash; Chlorine Dioxide

    Ph3 &Ndash; Phosphine

    O3 &Ndash; Ozone

    Nh3 &Ndash; Ammonia

    Eto &Ndash; Ethylene Oxide

    No2 &Ndash; Nitrogen Dioxide

    Protect Yourself

    Waterproof Ip 66/ 67 Rating Up To 3 Ft Fully Submerged
    Integral Concussion-Proof Boot
    Continuous Lcd Shows Real-Time Gas Concentration With Backlight In Low Light ( Auto) ; In Alarm ( Auto) And On Demand
    Small Size ( 1.1 X 2.0 X 3.75 In. / 28 X 50 X 95 Mm) And Lightweight ( 2.9 Oz. / 83 G)
    Provides 85 Db Tone And Bright Led Indication On Alarm ( Typical)
    3-Year Battery Life ( 9, 000 Hours)
    Available With Internal Vibrating Alarm
    Equipped With Plug-In, Replaceable Sensor
    Simple Auto-Zero And Calibration Procedure
    Peak Value Displayed On Command ( In Ppm Or % )
    Low, High, Twa And Stel Alarms With Adjustable Setpoints
    Twa ( Time Weighted Average) Values Are Recorded And
    Displayed To Evaluate The Cumulative Exposure Danger And To Aid Regulatory Compliance
    Classified Intrinsically Safe By Ul To U.S. And Canadian Standards; Cenelec Certified; Certified In Australia
    Full Function Self-Test Of: Sensor, Battery, Circuitry Integrity And Audible/ Visual Alarms
    Pocket/ Belt Clip, Test Cap And Hose, Battery, And Instructions In Local Languages Included
    .12) Gas Detector-Detector Gas-Waterproof Bw Microlip 4 Gas
    Gas Dtector
    Multi-Gas Made Simple
    With Tamper-Proof Operation, The Compact And Sleek Gasalertmicroclip Multi-Gas Detector Offers One-Button Simplicity And Significantly Reduces Time Spent Training The User.

    Detects Up To Four Hazards Including H2s, Co, O2 And Combustibles
    Tamper-Proof, One Button Operation
    Incredibly Thin And Lightweight, Making It Comfortable To Wear
    Extraordinarily Low Cost Of Ownership
    Rugged And Durable With Built-In Concussion-Proof Boot
    Powered By A Rechargeable Battery
    Conveniently Manage Your Fleet And Customize With Your Field-Options Using Soft Tools
    Multi-Language Support In English, French, German, Spanish And Portuguese
    Low, High Stel ( Short-Term Exposure Limit) , Twa ( Time-Weighted Average) , And Ol ( Over Limit) Alarms
    Visual, Audible And Vibrating Alarms
    Microdock Ii Compatible For Easy Calibration, Test And Record Storage
    13) Bw Multi Gas Detector, Bw Gas Alert Micro 5 Pid Multi-Gas Detector, 5 Pid Bw Gas Detector
    Bw Gas Alert Micro 5 Pid Multi-Gas Detector

    Gasalertmicro5 Pid Portable Gas Detector Simultaneously Monitors Up To Five Atmospheric Hazards Including Volatile Organic Compounds ( Vocs) , Oxygen, Combustible Gas ( % Lel) , And A Wide Selection Of Individual Electrochemical Toxic Sensors.

    Compact And Lightweight, Gasalertmicro5 Pid Activates Audible, Visual And Vibrating Alarms In The Event Of A Low, High, Twa Or Stel Alarm Condition. Vocs Present Multiple Potential Threats In The Workplace Environment.

    Vocs Are Characterized By Their Tendency To Evaporate Easily At Room Temperature And Include Substances Such As Solvents, Paint Thinners, Benzene, Butadiene, Hexane, Toluene, As Well As Vapors Associated With Fuels Such As Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, Kerosene, And Jet Fuel.

    The Gasalertmicro5 Pid&Rsquo; S Integrated Photoionization Detector ( Pid) Enables Sensitive Broad Spectrum Monitoring Of Volatile Organic Contaminants. Highly Configurable To Suit A Range Of Applications, Gasalertmicro5 Pid Comes As A Diffusion Or Pumped Instrument; With Either Alkaline Or Nimh Rechargeable Hot-Swappable Battery Pack And Has Optional Datalogging Capabilities.

    Standard Features Include Confidence Beep, Automatic Calibration, Full Function Self Test, And An Extended Selection Of User-Settable Field Options, Plus A Simple Automatic Calibration Proceedure.
    Supported Gases:

    H2s - Hydrogen Sulfide

    Hcn - Hydrogen Cyanide

    Co - Carbon Monoxide

    Cl2 - Chlorine

    O2 - Oxygen

    Clo2 - Chlorine Dioxide

    So2 - Sulfur Dioxide

    O3 - Ozone

    Ph3 - Phosphine

    Lel Combustibles

    Nh3 - Ammonia

    Pid - Photo Ionization

    No2 - Nitrogen Dioxide
    14) Multi Gas Bw Gas Alert&Trade; Quattro Multi-Gas Detector - Combustible Gas ( Lel) , Oxygen ( O2) - Rechargeable Version
    Features & Applications:

    This Bw Gas Alert Quattro Multi-Gas Detector Is Simple To Use And Features A Graphic Lcd Displays That Indicates Operational Information, Such As Bump Test And Calibration Status, And Intelliflash For Continuous Visual Confirmation Of Detector Operation And Compliance. The Gasalertquattro Is Fully Compatible With Bw&Rsquo; S Microdock Ii Automatic Test And Calibration System And Ideal For A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications Including Confined Space Entry.


    Intelliflash Verifies Operation And Compliance To Both The User And Supervisors From Up To 20 Ft. / 6.1 M
    One-Button Operational Simplicity
    Easy To Identify Icons For Onsite Auditing And Compliance
    Field-Proven Surecell Sensors Offer An Unprecedented Performance, Even In The Harshest Environments
    Easy-To-Read, Multi-Language Lcd Displays All Gas Concentrations Simultaneously
    Audible, Visual And Vibrating Alarm
    Extended Alarm Bars
    Flexible, Interchangeable Battery Options With Extended Runtimes
    Full Function Self-Test Is Initiated Upon Activation And Runs Continuously During Operation
    Heartbeat Pulses Continually During Normal Operation
    Extensive Datalogging And Event Logging Capability
    User-Options, Such As Flip Display, Accessible Through Ir Interface For Tamper-Proof Operation
    Multi-Language Support In English, French, German, Spanish And Portuguese
    Compatible With Microdock Ii Automated Test And Calibration System

    User Options:

    Confidence / Compliance Beep
    Confidence Flash
    Set Stel Interval
    Sensor On/ Off
    Latching Alarms
    Safe Display Mode
    Force Calibration
    Auto-Zero On Start Up
    Flip Display
    User-Definable Calibration Gas Concentration
    Force Bump
    Language Choices ( Five)
    Custom Start Up Message
    Datalog Interval


    Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Charger Wall Plug ( With Rechargeable Battery Option)
    Calibration Cap And Tubing
    Reversible Screwdriver
    Manual, Materials Booklet And Technical Reference Guide

    Size: 5.1 X 3.2 X 1.9 In. / 13.0 X 8.1 X 4.7 Cm
    Weight: 11.15 Oz. / 316 G ( With Rechargeable Battery Pack)
    Typical Battery Life: Rechargeable: 20 Hours ( + 68 To 122&Deg; F / + 20 To 50&Deg; C)
    18 Hours ( -4 To + 32&Deg; F / -20 To 0&Deg; C)
    Certifications And
    Approvals: Class I, Div. 1, Gr. A, B, C, D
    Atex: X G Ii 1 G Ga Ex Ia Iic T4
    Iecex: Ga Ex Ia Iic T4
    Inmetro: Br-Ex Ia Iic T4
    Temperature: -4 To + 122&Deg; F / -20 To + 50&Deg; C
    Humidity: 10% - 100% Rh ( Non-Condensing)
    Alarms: - Visual ( Six, Red Leds) , Vibrating, Audible ( 95Db)
    - Low, High, Stel, Twa, Ol ( Over Limit)
    Tests: Sensor Integrity, Circuitry, Battery And Audible/ Visual Alarms On Activation, Battery ( Continuous) , Sensor ( Continuous)
    Pump: Compatible With The Sampler Motorized Sampling Pump
    Battery Life: Rechargeable: 20 Hrs ( + 68 To 122&Deg; F / + 20 To 50&Deg; C)
    18 Hrs ( -4 To + 32&Deg; F / -20 To 0&Deg; C)
    Ratings Emi/ Rfi: Complies With Emc Directive 2004/ 108/ Ec
    Ip66/ Ip67
    Sensor Specifications:
    Oxygen ( O2) :

    0-30.0% Measuring Range

    0.1% Resolution
    Gases ( % Lel) :

    0-100% Lel / 0-5.0% V/ V Measuring Range

    1% / 0.1% Resolution
    15) Gas Detector ( 1 Alat Untuk 4 Macam Gas) Dilengkapi Pump + Sampling Hose
    Simultaneously For Hydrogen Sulfide ( H2s) , Carbon Monoxide ( Co) , Oxygen ( O2) And Combustibles.

    The Compact And Field Tough Gas Detector Features A Non-Intrusive Integrated Sampling Pump Designed For Performance, Reliability And Ease-Of-Use.
    - Continuous Monitoring Of Co, O2, H2s, And % Lel Concentrations
    - Visual, Vibrating, And 95 Db Audible Alarms For High, Low, Stel, Twa, Over Limit, Low Battery, And Pump
    - Secure And Accurate History With Datalogging; Uses Compatible Infrared-To-Usb Adapter To Take Readings From Unit To Pc
    - Fully Functional Self-Test At Every Startup For Sensor Integrity, Battery Status, Circuit Integrity, And Audible/ Visual Alarms
    - Compatible With Microdock Ii Calibration And Bump Test Station
    - Rechargeable Battery; Typical Battery Life 13 Hours @ 32&Deg; F, 8 Hours @ -4&Deg; F, Full Recharge In 6 Hours
    - Csa Approved For Class I, Div 1, Groups A-D, Plus Iecex And Atex


    Gases : H2s, Co, O2, Lel
    Size : 5.1 X 2.8 X 2.0 In. / 13.1 X 7.0 X 5.2 Cm
    Weight : 11.5 Oz. / 328 G
    Temperature : -4 To 122&Ordm; F / -20 To 50&Ordm; C
    Humidity : 10 - 100% Rh ( Non-Condensing)
    Alarms :
    - Visual, Vibrating, Audible ( 95Db)
    - Low, High, Stel, Twa, Ol ( Over Limit) , Low Battery, Pump

    - Gas Detector
    - Sensors Inside
    - Stainless-Steel Alligator Clip
    - Battery
    - 1 M Calibration Hose With Quick Connect
    - 3 M Sampling Hose With Particulate Filter And Quick Connect
    - Pump Filter Spares ( Kit Of 5)
    - Instructions And Laminated Quick Reference Card

    H2s: 0 &Ndash; 200 Ppm ( 1 Ppm Increments)
    Co : 0 &Ndash; 1000 Ppm ( 1 Ppm Increments)
    O2 : 0 &Ndash; 30.0% Vol. ( 0.1% Vol. Increments)
    Lel : ( Combustible) : 0 &Ndash; 100% Lel ( 1% Lel Increments) Or 0 &Ndash; 5.0% V/ V Methane
    16) Gas Detector ( 4 Gas )
    Type : M40
    High-Visibility, Impact Resistant Composite &Ndash; Rfi, Emi And Ingress Protection Tested And Approved
    10.9 Cm X 6.22 Cm X 3.48 Cm ( 4.303H X 2.453W X 1.373D )
    244 G ( 8.6 Ounces) Weight With Pump: 326 G ( 11.6 Ounces)
    Combustible Gases &Ndash; Catalytic Diffusion
    Oxygen And Toxic Gases &Ndash; Electrochemical
    Measuring Ranges:
    Combustibles &Ndash; 0 To 100% Lel In 1% Increments
    Methane &Ndash; 0 To 5% Of Volume In 0.1% Increments ( M40 M Only)
    Oxygen &Ndash; 0 To 30% Of Volume In 0.1% Increments
    Carbon Monoxide &Ndash; 0 To 999 Ppm In 1 Ppm Increments
    Hydrogen Sulfi De &Ndash; 0 To 500 Ppm In 1 Ppm Increments
    The M40 Features Lel Over-Range Protection
    Power Source:
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Integral Battery
    18 Hour &Ndash; Instrument ( Non-Alarm)
    12 Hour &Ndash; Instrument With Pump ( Non-Alarm)
    Large Lcd Provides Simultaneous And Continuous Readout Of Up To All Four Gases. Large, High-Contrast Characters, Graphic Icons And Unique Amber Backlight Provide Clear Display Visibility In Low-Light Conditions.
    Vibrating, 90 Db Audible And Ultra-Bright Led Visual Alarms. High/ Low, Stel, Twa And Low Battery Alarms. Flow Alarm Indicator When Used With Optional Sp40 Pump.
    Up To 75 Hours Of Datalogging Capability
    Temperature Range:
    -20&Ordm; To 50&Ordm; C ( -4&Ordm; To 122&Ordm; F)
    Humidity Range:
    15 To 95% Rh, Typical, 0 To 99% Rh Intermittent ( Non-Condensing)
    Ip Rating:
    Ul&Ndash; Class I, Groups A, B, C, D T4; Class I, Zone 0, Aex Ia D Iic T4
    Csa &Ndash; Class I, Groups A, B, C, D T4
    Msha ( M40 M Only) &Ndash; Intrinsically Safe For Methane/ Air Mixtures Only
    Atex &Ndash; Eex Ia D Iic T4 Equipment Group And Category Ii 2G
    Australia &Ndash; Ex Ia S Zone 0 Iic T4
    Russia &Ndash; Gost R
    17) Combustible Gas Detector
    Alat Indikasi Deteksi Kebocoran Gas
    Model: Ez 40
    Features :

    16 ' ( 406Mm) Gooseneck For Easy Access Into Hard To Reach Location
    High Sensitivity.
    One Hand Operation With Thumb Controlled Sensitivity Adjustment To Eliminate Background Gas Levels.
    Visible And Audible Alarm At 10% ( Lel) Lower Explosive Limit For Methane
    Locate The Smallest Leaks

    * Pump Driven Field Calibration Range : 10Ppm.
    * Sensor Type : Solid State.
    * Alarm Visible And Audible @ 10% Lel For Methane.
    * Warm Up : Aprox, 1 Minute
    * Response Time :

    Gas Detected :
    * Gas Natural
    * Methane
    * Ethane
    * Propane
    * Butane
    * Acetone
    * Alcohol
    * Ammonia.
    * Steam
    * Carbon Monoxide ( Not To Quantify)
    * Gasoline
    * Jet Fuel
    * Hydrogen Sulfide
    * Smoke
    * Industrial Solvents
    * Lacquer Thinner
    * Naphtha.
    18) Combustible Gas Detector
    Alat Indikasi Deteksi Kebocoran Gas
    Model: Spd-202 Ex

    Detecting Principle: Catalytic Combustion
    Detected Gas: Combustible Gas
    Measurement Range: 0-100% Lel ( Lel: Low Explosion Level - The Lowermost Concentration Of Combustible Gas To Generate An Explosion In Air When Meeting A Naked Flame)
    Resolution: 0.1%
    Error: &Plusmn; 2%
    Response Time:
    19) Leak Detector For Combustible Gas - Ar8800a
    Alat Indikasi Deteksi Kebocoran Gas Yang Mudah Terbakar
    Warm Against Dangerous Explosive Gas
    Checks For Explosive Gas In Places Where Electrical Measurement Has To Be Taken
    Applications Include: Manholes, Gas Lines, Fuel Systems, Exhausts, Propane Stations, Iaq Test And Arson Residue.
    Used In Almost Any Situation Where Combustible Gasses, Vapor Or Residues Need To Be Found.
    Instantaneous Response
    Automatic Warm Up
    Ultimate Sensitivity 5-500Ppm
    Adjustable Sensitivity
    Adjustable &Ldquo; Geiger Counter&Rdquo; Type Signal

    Partial List Of Detectable Compounds
    Minimum Detectable Concentration
    Acetylene 50 Ppm
    Methyl Chloride 5Ppm
    Iso-Butane ( R600a) 500 Ppm
    Hydrogen Sulfide 5Ppm
    Methane 500 Ppm
    Acetone 50 Ppm
    Ethane ( R170) 500 Ppm
    Methanol 50 Ppm
    Propane ( R290) 500 Ppm
    Ammonia ( R717) 20 Ppm
    Ethylene 500 Ppm
    Gasoline 1Ppm
    Minimum Detectable Concentration
    Hydrogen 500 Ppm
    Chlorine 1Ppm
    Methyl Ether 500 Ppm
    Carbon Dioxide 500 Ppm
    Vinyl Chloride 5 Ppm
    20) Geotech Biogas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyser / Gas Detector / Pendeteksi Gas
    Geotech Biogas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyser

    Farm Digester Gas Monitoring
    Food Processing Biogas Monitoring
    Waste Water Biogas Monitoring
    Methane Recovery

    Enables Consistent Collection Of Data For Improved Analysis And Accurate Reporting
    No Need For Self-Certification Of Anemometer
    Easy To Use And Calibrate
    User Configurable Operation
    Helps Check Digester Process Is Running Efficiently

    Certified: Atex, Iecex, Mcerts ( Applied For) , Csa
    And Ukas Calibration ( Iso17025)
    Robust Design For Market Leading Reliability


    And Co

    Accuracy &Plusmn; 0.5% After Calibration

    Measures % Ch , Co

    And O

    4 2 2
    Modular And Upgradeable
    3 Year Warranty
    Stores And Downloads Readings
    User Selected Languages
    Event Log

    Options ( Available At Purchase Or Later)
    H S To 0-5, 000Ppm Or 0-10, 000Ppm
    Gas Analyser Manager Software For Data Download
    External Flow Devices: Anemometer ( Atex) / Pitot Tubes
    Atex Certified Temperature Probe

    Biogas 5000
    Power Supply
    Battery Type Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack ( Not User Replaceable)
    Battery Life Typical Use 8 Hours From Fully Charged
    Battery Charger Separate Intelligent Battery Charger Powered From Mains Supply ( 100 - 240V)
    Charge Time Approximately 3 Hours From Complete Discharge
    Gas Ranges
    Gases Measured Co And Ch
    2 4 By Dual Wavelength Infrared Sensor With Reference Channel
    2 By Internal Electrochemical Sensor
    H S ( Optional)
    2 By Internal Electrochemical Sensor
    Oxygen Cell Lifetime
    H S Cell Lifetime
    2 Approximately 3 Years In Air
    Suitable For Sampling Applications - Not For Continuous Use
    Range Ch4
    H S2
    0 - 100%
    0 - 100%
    0-5, 000Ppm Or 0-10, 000Ppm
    Typical Accuracy - After Calibration Ch4
    O2 0-70%
    0-25% &Plusmn; 0.5% ( Vol)
    &Plusmn; 0.5% ( Vol)
    &Plusmn; 1.0% ( Vol) 70-100%
    60-100% &Plusmn; 1.5% ( Vol)
    &Plusmn; 1.5% ( Vol)
    H S
    2 0-50Ppm
    0-1, 000Ppm
    0-5, 000Ppm
    0-10, 000Ppm &Plusmn; 1.5% Fs
    &Plusmn; 2.0% Fs
    &Plusmn; 2.0% Fs
    &Plusmn; 2.0% Fs
    &Plusmn; 2.0% Fs
    &Plusmn; 5.0% Fs
    Response Time, T90 Ch4
    H S2
    D 10 Seconds
    D 10 Seconds
    D 20 Seconds
    D 30 Seconds
    Flow 550 Ml/ Min Typically
    Flow Fail Point -200 Mbar Vacuum - User Settable
    Maximum Vacuum Restart -375 Mbar Approximately With Flow Rate Of Approx 80Ml/ Min

    Bintang Instrument
    Jual Smart Sensor Type :

    -Ar 131B Ultrasonic
    -Ar 150 Fly Killer
    -Ar 190 Mice Killer
    -Ar 330 Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 330+ Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 4105B Grounding Earth
    -Ar 5750A Refrigerant Leak Detector
    -Ar 63A+ Vibration Meter
    -Ar 63B Vibration Meter
    -Ar 807 Humidity/ Temp./ Clock Thermohygrometer
    -Ar 813A Lux Meter
    -Ar 814 Digital Sound Level Meter
    -Ar 816 Anemo Meter
    -Ar 819 Car Park Video/ Audio Indicator
    -Ar 823 Digital Lux Meter
    -Ar 824 Sound Level Meter
    -Ar 826 Digital Anemo Meter
    -Ar 828 Combustible Gas Detector
    -Ar 836 Digital Anemometer
    -Ar 836+ Digital Anemometer
    -Ar 842A Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 844 Digital Sound Level Meter
    -Ar 847 Humudity & Temperature
    -Ar 850 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    -Ar 851 Ultrasonic Range Finder
    -Ar 852B Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 854 Digital Sound Level Meter
    -Ar 856 A Flow Anemometer And Thermometer
    -Ar 860 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    -Ar 861 Distance Lase Meter
    -Ar 862 A Infrared Thermo Meter
    -Ar 867 Dual Temperature/ Humudity/ Clock
    -Ar 8700A Carbon Monoxide Meter
    -Ar 872 Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 872D Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 8800 A+ Combustible Gas Detector
    -Ar 8800A Combustible Gas Detector
    -Ar 882 Infrared Thermometer
    -Ar 914 Electronic Metal Detector
    -Ar 924 Underground Metal Detector
    -Ar 930 Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge With Memory
    -Ar 931 Film/ Coating Thickness Gauge
    -Ar 971 Digital Moisture Meter
    -Ar818/ 8700A Carbon Monoxide Meter


    Bintang Instrument
    Hp : 081362449440
    Email : B081362449440@ Yahoo.Com
    Web : Www.Bintanginstrument.Com
    Menjual Product:

    Ar 131B Ultrasonic
    Ar 150 Fly Killer
    Ar 190 Mice Killer
    Ar 330 Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 330+ Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 4105B Grounding Earth
    Ar 5750A Refrigerant Leak Detector
    Ar 63A+ Vibration Meter
    Ar 63B Vibration Meter
    Ar 807 Humidity/ Temp./ Clock Thermohygrometer
    Ar 813A Lux Meter
    Ar 814 Digital Sound Level Meter
    Ar 816 Anemo Meter
    Ar 819 Car Park Video/ Audio Indicator
    Ar 823 Digital Lux Meter
    Ar 824 Sound Level Meter
    Ar 826 Digital Anemo Meter
    Ar 828 Combustible Gas Detector
    Ar 836 Digital Anemometer
    Ar 836+ Digital Anemometer
    Ar 842A Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 844 Digital Sound Level Meter
    Ar 847 Humudity & Temperature
    Ar 850 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Ar 851 Ultrasonic Range Finder
    Ar 852B Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 854 Digital Sound Level Meter
    Ar 856 A Flow Anemometer And Thermometer
    Ar 860 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Ar 861 Distance Lase Meter
    Ar 862 A Infrared Thermo Meter
    Ar 867 Dual Temperature/ Humudity/ Clock
    Ar 8700A Carbon Monoxide Meter
    Ar 872 Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 872D Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 8800 A+ Combustible Gas Detector
    Ar 8800A Combustible Gas Detector
    Ar 882 Infrared Thermometer
    Ar 914 Electronic Metal Detector
    Ar 924 Underground Metal Detector
    Ar 930 Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge With Memory
    Ar 931 Film/ Coating Thickness Gauge
    Ar 971 Digital Moisture Meter
    Ar818/ 8700A Carbon Monoxide Meter
    Lutron Anemometer ( Vane Type, Hot Wire Type)
    Bench Meters ( Acv, Dcv, Aca, Dca, Ph) .
    Cable Checker/ Cable Identifier Calibrator, Simulator, Checker, Black Body
    Caliper Capacitance Decade Box
    Capacitance Meters Car Testers, Automotive Testers
    Carrying Case & Holsters Chlorine Meter
    Clamp Meters ( Dca, Aca) Clamp Meters ( Power Clamp)
    Co ( Carbon Monooxide) Meter Co2 ( Carbon Dioxide) Meter
    Color Analyzer Conductivity Meters, Tds Meters
    Controllers ( Alarm/ Monitor) , Full Line Data Loggers
    Dmm, Mulitimeter Earth Tester
    Education Products Electromagnetic Field Testers, Emf Testers ( Radio Frequency)
    Electromagnetic Field Testers, Emf Testers ( Low Frequency) Force Gauges, Force Gauge Test Stand
    Fork Current ( Ac/ Dc) Tester Frequency Counters ( Handheld Type, Bench Type)
    Frequency Monitors ( Line Frequency) Function Generator
    Humidity/ Temp./ Dew Point Meter ( Hygrometers) Humidity Transmitters
    Gsm Control System Inductance Decade Box
    Inductive Pick Up Sensor Insulation Testers
    Lan Cable Testers Lcr Meters
    Light Meters ( Lux Meters) Magnetic Meter
    Manometers Micrometer
    Micro Wave Leakage Detector Milliohm Meters
    Moisture Meters ( Wood, Concrete, Timber, Paper, Gypsum&Hellip; ) Monitor
    Negative Ion Water Tester ( Akaline Ion Water Tester) O2 Meter
    Orp Meters, Orp Electrodes Oxygen Meters ( Dissolved Oxygen Meters)
    Panel Meters ( V, A, Rpm, Hz, Temp. ) Ph Meters
    Ph Electrodes Photo Sensor ( Photo Interrupter)
    Power Adaptor Power Analyzers, Watt Meters
    Pressure Meters Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Transducers, Pressure Transmitters Proximity Sensor
    Rccb Tester ( Residual Current Breaker Tester) Resistance Decade Box
    Rs-232 Converter, Controller/ Monitor Salt Meter
    Scales, Balances Sensors, Probes, Electrodes
    Simulator, Calibrators, Checker Software ( Data Acquisition, Data Logger)
    Sound Level Meters Stroboscopes
    Tachometers ( Photo, Contact, Laser..) Tds ( Total Dissolved Solids) Meters.
    Temperature Probes Tester Leads, Alligators, Clips, Rs232 Cable, Usb Cable
    Thermometers ( Infrared, No Contact Thermometer) Thermometers ( Pen Type)
    Thermometers ( Pt 100 Ohm) Thermometers ( Thermocouple)
    Torque Meters, Torque Wrench Transmitters, Full Line
    Turbility Meter Uv Light Meters ( Uva, Uvc)
    Ultrasonic Leakage Detector, Ultrasonic Transmitter Vacuum Meter
    Vibration Meters Voltmeter Modules
    Water Quality Meters ( Pure Water Tester) Watt Meters ( Power Analyzer)
    Lutron Dt-2259 Tachometer / Stroboscope
    Lutron Sl-4001 Sound Level Meter
    Lutron Sl-4011 Sound Level Meter
    Lutron Av-102 Digital Volt Meter
    Lutron Am-4203 Anenometer
    Lutron Am-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
    Lutron Am-4204Ha Hot-Wire Anemometer
    Lutron Am-4205A Digital Anemometer + Humidity
    Lutron Am-4206 Anemometer With Volumetric Air Flow
    Lutron Am-4206M Anemometer, Cfm ( Metal)
    Lutron Am-4213 Mini Vane Anemometer
    Lutron Am4216 Mini Vane , Cfm Anemometer
    Lutron Ca-203 Ac/ Dc Clamp Adaptor
    Lutron Cbox-406 Capacitance Decade Box
    Lutron Cc-421 Volatge/ Current Calibrator
    Lutron Cc-422 Current Calibrator
    Lutron Cd-4303 Conductivity Meter
    Lutron Cm-9930 Digital Ac/ Dca Clamp Meter
    Lutron Cm-9940 Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter.
    Lutron Da-103 Dc Current Bench Type Meter
    Lutron Di-6200 Digital Insulation Tester
    Lutron Dc-515 Digital Vernier Caliper
    Lutron Dl-9601 Data Logger
    Lutron Do-5509 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Lutron Do-5510 Digital Oxygen Meter
    Lutron Do-5511 Oxygen Meter
    Lutron Dt-1236L Laser Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2230 Compact Laser/ Contact Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2234Bl Laser Non Contact Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2236 Digital Photo/ Contact Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2239 Digital Stroboscope-Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2269 Digital Stroboscope
    Lutron Dt-2268 Tachometer
    Lutron Dt-2289 Stroboscope Ac/ Battery Operated
    Lutron Dw-6060 Digital Watt Meter
    Lutron Dw-6090 Power Analyzer
    Lutron Dw-6091 Power Meter
    Lutron Dv-101 Digital Bench Voltage Meter
    Lutron Emf-827 Emf Tester ( Electromagnetic Field Tester)
    Lutron Em-9000 Environment Meter
    Lutron Fc-2500 Frequency Counter
    Lutron Fg-20Kg Force Gauge
    Lutron Fg-5100 Force Gauge ( 100Kg)
    Lutron Hv-40 High Voltage Probe
    Lutron Ht-305 Thermohygrometer
    Lutron Ht-3015 Datalogging Thermohygrometer+ Dew Point
    Lutron Ht-3004 Humidity / Temperature Meter
    Lutron Lcr Meter 9073
    Lutron Lx-101A Digital Lux Meter
    Lutron Lx-107 Digital Light Meter
    Lutron Lx-1102 Lux Meter
    Lutron Lx-1108 Lux Meter
    Lutron Lm-81Am Anemometer
    Lutron Lm-81Lx Lux Meter
    Lutron Lm-8000 4 In 1 Meter.
    Lutron Mo-2001 Milliohm Meter.
    Lutron Mo-2002 Miliohm Meter.
    Lutron Ms-7000Ha Moisture Meter
    Lutron Ms-7003 Moisture Meter
    Lutron Ph-207 Digital Ph Meter With Pe-03 Sensor
    Lutron Pe-01 Ph Probe
    Lutron Pe-03 Ph Probe
    Lutron Pe-11 Ph Probe
    Lutron Pm-9100 Manometer
    Lutron Ps-9302 Pressure Meter
    Lutron Rbox-408 Resistance Decade Box
    Lutron Sc-941 Sound Level Meter Calibrator
    Lutron Sc-942 Sound Level Calibrator
    Lutron Sl-4010 Low Cost Sound Level Meter
    Lutron Sl-4013 Sound Level Meter
    Lutron Sl-4022 Type 1 Sound Level Meter
    Lutron Tc-920 Thermometer Calibrator
    Lutron Tm-2000 3 In 1 Digital Thermometer( Ir+ Pt100+ Type K)
    Lutron Tm-914C Pocket Size Dual Thermometer
    Lutron Tm-916 Dual Thermometer
    Lutron Tm-917 Precision Thermometer
    Lutron Tp-01 K Type Temperature Probe
    Lutron Tp-02 ' K ' Type Temperature Probe
    Lutron Tp-04 ' K ' Type Surface Temperature Probe
    Lutron Tp-07 Atc Temperature Probe
    Lutron Tq-8800 Torgue Meter
    Lutron Uv-340 Uv Light Meter
    Lutron Uvc-254 Uv Light Meter
    Lutron Uva-365 Uva Light Meter
    Lutron Vb-8201Ha Vibration Meter
    Lutron Vb-8212 Vibration Meter
    Lutron Vb-8200 Vibration Meter
    Lutron Vb-8220 Vibration Meter With Displacement
    Lutron Vc-9200 Vaccum Meter
    Lutron Yk-34Uv Uv Light Meter
    Lutron Yk-2004Ah Hot Wire, Cfm Anemometer.
    Lutron Yk-2005Ah Hot Wire Anemometer.
    Lutron Yk-80Am Metal Vane Anemometer.
    * Ms2008b, Mastech Clamp Meter
    * Ms2101 Ac/ Dc Digital Clamp Meter
    * Ms2101, Mastech Clamp Meter
    * Ms2301 Clamp Earth Resistance Tester
    * Ms2302 Earth Tester
    * Ms2306/ 2307/ 2308 Advanced Earth Resistance Tester.
    * Ms5201 Digital Insulation Tester
    * Ms5202 Digital Insulation Tester
    * Ms5203 Digital Insulation Tester
    * Ms5209 Digital Earth Resistance Tester
    * Ms5215 High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester
    * Ms5900, Mastech Phase Rotation Tester
    * Ms5902 Circuit Break Tester
    * Ms5910, Mastech Rcd/ Loop Tester
    * Ms6300 6In1 Multi-Functional Enviroment Meter
    * Ms6450 ( 15M) Laser Distance Meter
    * Ms6503 Digital Humidity& Temperature Meters
    * Ms6505 Digital Humidity& Temperature Meters
    * Ms6506 Digital Thermometers
    * Ms6520b, Mastech Thermometer Infrared Thermometer -20C~ 500C
    * Ms6530 Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6530 Infrared Thermometer ( -20-537Oc)
    * Ms6530a Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6540a Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6550a ( -32 To 1.200O C) Digital Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6550b ( -32 To 1.650O C) Digital Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6550b Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms6700 Digital Sound Level Meters
    * Ms6701 With Data Loggers Sound Level Meter
    * Ms6702 ( 3 In 1 Sound Level + Temperature + Humidity)
    * Ms6906 Scanner And Tester
    * Ms7207 Digital Loop Calibrator
    * Ms7212 Multi-Function Process Calibrator
    * Ms7212 Multifuntional Process Calibrator
    * Ms7220 Thermocouple Calibrator
    * Ms8040 4.5 Digital Bench Top Multimeter
    * Ms8051 5.5Digital Precision Multimeter
    * Ms8216 Digital Pocket Multimeter
    * Ms8228 Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer
    * Ms8229 5 In 1 Auto Range Multimeter With Alarm
    * Ms8910, Digital Smd Tester
    Dekko 1) Digital Multi Meter
    94. Multi Purpose Multi Meter
    95. Profesional Multimeter
    99Cf Auto Range Multi Meter
    86D General Multi Meter
    Dm-230 Every Day Multi Meter
    2) Analaque Multi Meter
    Am-22 General Multi Meter
    3) Insulation Tester
    Jt-30-5 Insulation Tester
    Jt-2500 Insulation Tester
    Jt-1000 Insulation Tester
    Jt-568B Handheld Digital Mega Ohm Meter
    4) Clamp Meter
    Jt 200B Ac/ Dc 200A Clamp Meter
    Dt 1000A Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
    656F Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
    33 Ac 600A Clamp Meter
    37 Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
    5) Thermometer, Humidity & Moisture Meter
    642 Thermohygrometer ( In/ Out Door)
    637 Thermohygrometer ( Indoor)
    Jt-2G Digital Moisture Meter
    Mc - 7825G Grain Moisture Meter
    6) Thermometer
    301 Dual Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
    300 Single Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
    7) Thermometer
    Dt-520 Digital Infrared Thermometer
    Jt-204L Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
    Jt-206 Waterproof Pen Type Thermometer
    8) Automotive Tester
    Jt-148 Automotive Multimeter
    9) Instrument
    Sl-130 Digital Sound Level Meter
    Lx-1010Bs Digital Lux Meter
    Am-4836V Profesional Anemometer
    Jt-02A Digital Anemometer
    An-16 Mini Digital Anemometer
    22Lcr Digital Lcr Meter
    C20kf Capacitance Meter
    Vd-60 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
    Dt-2234L Laser Tacho Meter
    10) Coating Thickness Gauge
    Jt-2133 Coating Thickness Gauge
    Jt-2300 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Hanna Instrument : * Ammonia
    * Checker Hc
    * Chemical Test Kits
    * Ph Meters
    * Ph/ Orp Meters
    * Ion Selective
    * Ph/ Orp/ Ise/ Meters
    * Conductivity/ Tds
    * Digital Refractometers
    * Dissolved Oxygen
    * Multiparameter
    * Fertigation Systems
    * Titration Systems
    * Chemical Oxygen Demand
    * Photometers
    * Turbidity
    * Temperature
    * Relative Humidity
    * Magnetic Stirrers
    * Mini Panel Controllers
    * Process Instrumentation
    * Dosing Pumps
    * Lux Meters
    * Reagents
    * Solutions
    Horiba * Multi-Parameter Water Qualitymeter ( U-50)
    * Water Quality Monitoring System ( U-20 Xd)
    * Oil Content Analyzer ( Ocma- Series)
    * Gloss Checker ( Ig- Series)
    * Infrared Thermometers( It-550)
    * Water Quality Meter ( D, F, Om, Es, Ds)
    * Compact Nitrate
    * Compact Ph Meter ( B-211 & B-212)
    * Compact Conductivity Meter
    * Compact Ion Meter
    * Compact Salt Meter ( C-121)
    * Centrifuges ( Sigma)
    * Vacuum Desiccator ( Vlh Series)
    * Digital Hot Plate & Stirrer ( Rsh-Dr)
    * Ultrasonic Cleaner ( Us Series)
    * Water Still ( Ws-6)
    Palintest Sk-300. Manual Soil Test Kit
    Sk-400. Digital Soil Test Kit
    Sk-500. Digital Soil Test Kit
    Imd-Coli Bacteriological Water Test Kit
    Wtb-2010 Water Test Kit And Bakteriological
    Wtb-2011 Portable Water Quality Test
    Wt-Imd7 Water Test Kit
    Ilp-25 Swimming Pool Water Test Kit
    Pt-146 Portable Ph/ Conductivity/ Tds Meter
    Pt-140 Ph Meter
    Pt-148 Water Do Meter
    Pt-144 Conductivity Meter
    Pt-390 Turbidity Meter
    Pt-142 Tds Meter
    Pth-045D Chlorine Meter / Chlorometer
    Pth-040 Ammonia Meter
    Pt-981 Digital Portable Arsenic System
    Pth-043 Ozone Meter
    Pt-430 Lead And Copper Scanning Analyzer
    Cod-7500 Cod Laboratory Set
    Pt-225 Comparator And Disc
    Macro 900 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1420 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1421 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1422 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1423 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1424 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1425 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1426 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1427 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1428 Portable Water Quality System
    Pt-1427 Portable Water Quality System
    Lingkungan / Laboratorium Fosante-01 Food Security Kit
    Fosante-02 Microbiology Food Sanitation Kit
    Fosante-04 Food Chemical And Bacteriological Test Kit
    Sanitech-01 Sanitarian Field Kit
    Sanitech-02 Sanitarian Field Kit-Manual
    Sanitech-02/ D Sanitarian Field Kit-Digital
    Sanitech-03 Sanitarian Inspection Test Kit
    Imdy-1000 Pesticide Residu Detection
    Tk-150E Thermometer Special Food Industri
    Tn-151 Thermometer Special Food Industri
    Tn-151S Thermometer Special Food Industri
    Tr-150 Thermometer Special Food Industri
    Fosante-01 Refill Reagent Food Security Kit
    Fosante-02 Refil Reagent Microbiology Food Sanitation Kit
    And-10000 Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer
    078-513 Survey Meter
    S-10S Survey Meter
    C-10 Survey Meter
    Csdf Survey Meter
    720 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator
    Lxt-2 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator
    824 Sound Level Meter And Calibrator Type-1
    Db-100 Sound Level Meter And Automatic Check
    Db-200 Sound Level Meter And Automatic Check
    Sp-22 Sound Level Meter
    706 Personal Noise Dosimeter
    Hvm-100 Human Vibration Meter
    Lv-110E Vane Probe Thermo-Anemometer
    Lv-101E Vane Probe Thermo-Anemometer
    Fa-320 Fan Anemometer
    Vt-100 Hotwire Thermo-Anemometer
    Ar-823 Portable Digital Lux Meter
    Lx-100 Portable Digital Lux Meter
    Lx-200 Portable Digital Lux Meter
    Sl-200 Solarimeter
    Sl-100 Solarimeter
    Kiray-300 Infrared Thermometer
    Kiray-200 Infrared Thermometer
    Kiray-100 Infrared Thermometer
    Ir Temp-210 Infrared Temperatures
    Ir 24 Ir Hygrotemp
    Hd-100E Thermohygrometers
    Rf-220 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter
    Hm-100 Moisture Meter
    Ct-100Eo Tachometer
    Ct-100Ec Tachometer
    Mp-200 Thermo-Anemometer-Manom Eter
    Mp200p Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
    Mp200m Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
    M P200g Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
    Mp200h Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
    Mp200hp Thermo-Anemometer-Manometer
    Yes Plus Lga 15 Channel Air Quality Monitors
    Yes Air Pump 8 Channel Air Quality Monitors
    Aq-200 Indoor Air Quality Monitors
    Aq-100 Indoor Air Quality Monitors
    Particlescan Handheld Laser Particle Counter
    Mb1 Microbio Sampler
    Mb2 Microbio Sampler
    M3-Oga Method 3 Orsat Analyzer
    Basic Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
    Professional Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
    Master Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling System
    Mst Stack Mini Stack Sampler
    Imd-5Imp Gas Sampler Ambient
    A-600 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
    A-500 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
    A-400 Portable Flue Gas Analysis
    Gs-220 Detection Of Combustion Gasses
    Telescope-2 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity Meter
    Telescope-1 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity Meter
    Telescope-3 Digital Smoke Opacity Meter
    Rp-72 Smoke Soot Test Pump
    Cdl-210 Co2, Air Temperature, Rh Dataloger
    Hd-1004 Personal Eal Time Particulate Air Monitors
    Hd-1100 Pm-10 Personal Particulate Monitors
    Epam-5000 Real Time Particulate Air Monitors
    Aa-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitors
    Df-Pm10e Pm-10 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
    Df-Pm2, 5E Pm-2, 5 Digital Air Monitor Sampler System
    Df-60810E Tsp-Digital High Volume Air Samplers
    Dfhv-1Se Portable High Volume Air Samplers
    Hv-1Te Portable High Volume Air Samplers ( Automatic)
    Hv-1Se Portable High Volume Air Samplers
    Df-1E Portable Low Volume Air Samplers
    Df-14Me Mobile Low Volume Air Samplers
    L-5P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
    L-12P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
    L-15P Portable Personal Air Sampler Pump
    M-5 Calibrator
    M-30 Calibrator
    Micro Iv Portable Single Gas Detectors
    G-450 Portable Multigas Detectors
    ( Gas Dapat Diganti Dengan Sensor Lain Dan
    Slc-Op Handheld Odor Catch
    Slc-Oh Portable Odor Catch
    Slc-Oh Portable Odor Catch
    Slc-On Ambient Real Time Odor Monitoring
    Dx Series-7 7 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
    Dx Series-4 4 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
    Zsa-80 Analytical Balance
    Zsa-120 Analytical Balance
    Zsa-210 Analytical Balance
    Zsa-210D Analytical Balance
    Zsp-150 Precision Balance
    Zsp-250 Precision Balance
    Zsp-350 Precision Balance
    Zsp-550 Precision Balance
    Zsl-400 Laboratorium Balance
    Zsl-600 Laboratorium Balance
    Sl-400 Laboratorium Balance
    Sl-600 Laboratorium Balance
    Sl-1000 Laboratorium Balance
    Sl-2000 Laboratorium Balance
    Sp-150 Precision Balance Series
    Sp-250 Precision Balance Series
    Sp-350 Precision Balance Series
    Sp-550 Precision Balance Series
    Sa801w Analytical Balance Series
    Sa1201w Analytical Balance Series
    Sa2101w Analytical Balance Series
    Sa3101w Analytical Balance Series
    Shc-12 High Capacity Balance
    Shc-16 High Capacity Balance
    Shc-20 High Capacity Balance
    Shc30 High Capacity Balance
    Colinmed Digital Cholinesterase Analysis System
    2500-Oto-P Audiometer With Printer Oto-Check
    1000+ Package Affordable Audiometer With Printer
    6Mwt Hand-Held Spirometer
    Fx Desktop Spirometer
    Cleanroom100 Air Cleaning Protection
    Gc Multigas Air Cleaning Protection
    Sk-300 Manual Soil Test Kit
    Sk-400 Digital Soil Test Kit
    Sk-500 Digital Soil Test Kit
    Paket Peralatan Sampler Debu Tsp
    Ger-2600 Portable Spectroradiometer System
    Uf-35 Fogging Machine
    As-2000 Multi Sensor Weather Station
    5002-5 Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer
    Auto-600 Opacity Smoke Meter
    Oliver-6502 Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter
    New Product Ad 32 Ec , Tds, Temp
    Ad-11 Ph Meter
    Ad-110 Multi Parameter
    Highgear Altimeter
    Sm-8237 Gasoline Engine Tachometer
    Appa 55 Seri Ii Digital Multimeter
    Appa 25 Automotive Multimeter
    Appa-51 Digital Thermometer
    Appa-55 Ii Digital Multi Meter / Thermometer
    Az-8909 Anemo, Humidity, Temp, Baro
    D75 Dehumidifier
    Pt.370 Ph Meter Daging
    Type Nama Product
    101911 Speed Gun
    2000 Anemometer Kestrel
    1 Gases Gas Detector Bw
    4 Gases Gas Detector Bw
    4 Gases ( Pump ) Gas Detector Bw
    5 Gases Gas Detector Bw Micro Pid
    8500 Coloni Counter
    Meat Moisture Meat Moisture Meter
    Jt.148 Outomotive Multi Meter
    656F Infrared Thermometer -50 To 550 Oc
    Spd 202 Ex Combustibel Gas Detector
    Spd 201 Digital Oxigen Meter ( Do Meter )
    642 Thermohygrometer
    Thermohygrometer Vc330
    Thermohygrometer Vc230
    Thermohygrome Ter Vc230a
    Thermohygrometer Vc330a
    Sound Level Meter Vc824a
    Anemometer Vc816
    Vibration Meter Vc 63
    Grounding Earth Vc4105
    Mc.7825G Grain Moisture Meter ( Kadar Air Pada Biji Bijian ) Pingliu
    Am - 4836 Anemometer
    Dt-10 Tools Sett
    Wqc22a Multi Parameter
    Wqc24 Multi Parameter
    Hm-17Mx Portable Ph Meter For Food Applications
    Hdh026 Dehumidifier ( 26 L/ Day )
    Hdh058 Dehumidifier ( 58 L/ Day )
    Hdh908 Dehumidifier ( 90 L/ Day )
    Ez - 40 Combustibel Gas Detector
    Fg-100 Lpg Gas Detector
    Glo Combustibel Gas Detector
    480823 Fiel Stengh Meter ( 2 Axis )
    480836 Fiel Stengh Meter ( 3 Axis )
    Mo210 Moisture Meter
    Mo280 Moisture Meter
    260 Moisture Meter
    Do 700 Ph, Mv, Temp, Cond, Tds, Do
    Ec 400 Ec Meter
    Ec 500 Ec Meter
    Ec 600 Ph, Cond, Tds, Salt, Resistivity, , Mv And Temp
    407355 Personal Noise Dosi Meter
    Flir I7 Infrared Camera
    725 Multifunction Calibrator
    115 Digital Multimeter
    179 Digital Multi Meter
    179 Digital Multi Meter
    376 Clamp Meter
    810 Vibration Tester
    Ti 32 Therma Imager
    572 Infrared Thermometer
    572 Infrared Thermometer
    574 Infrared Thermometer
    376 Ac / Dc Clam Meter
    337 Clam Meter
    705 Loop Calibration
    725 Multi Function Calibrator
    725Ex Multi Function Calibrator
    1621 Earh Grounding Tester
    789 Processmeter
    Fb-Ctw-7000 Fujibin Humidifier 99% Rh
    76Csx Gps
    Dpi 615Pc Pneumatic Calibrator
    Dpi 615 Is Pc Pneumatic Calibrator
    Ups Ii Lop Calibrator Ups Ii
    Ups Iii Lop Calibrator Ups Iii
    610S Pc 30 Pressure Calibrator
    Ga 5000 Portable Gas Analizer
    Gem 5000 Gas Extraction Monitor
    Biogas 5000 Portable Gas Analizer
    Hach Tss Meter
    Hs-2005-V-N Rotari Evaporator ( Ready )
    Hs-2005-S-N Rotari Evaporator ( Ready )
    Hs-2005-N-S Rotari Evaporator ( Indent )
    Dsr 77 Battery Tester
    2500 Anemometer Kestrel
    2000 Anemometer Kestrel
    4000 Anemometer Kestrel
    4000 Anemometer Kestrel
    4100 Anemometer Kestrel
    4500 Anemometer Kestrel
    1000 Anemometer Kestrel
    4500 Anemo Meter - Kestrel
    Pm 400 Multi Grain Moisture Meter
    Hx 120 Copra Molisture Meter
    Fd-610 Grain Moistrume Meter
    Epi608d-1 Dehumidifier ( 0.7 L/ Day)
    Mfd10-5100Mr Dehumidifier ( 10 L/ Day)
    Pd20e-20 Dehumidifier ( 20 L/ Day)
    6162 Uk Weather Station Vantage Pro2&Trade;
    6250Uk Davis Vantage Vue
    6510 Usb Davis Software And Datalogger Untuk Type 6250Uk
    7716 Tripot
    6152Cuk ' Cabled Vantage Pro2&Trade;
    Dxt Digital Laser Meter ( 70 Meter )
    D3a Digital Laser Meter ( 100 Meter )
    D5 Digital Laser Meter ( 200 Meter )
    At 7328 Osiloscope ( 28 Mz )
    At 7340 Osiloscope ( 40 Mz )
    Tfc-3000U Universal Counter ( 1Hz-3000Mhz )
    Analog Klimamesser ( Analog )
    E200ir Thermometer ( Th, Ir, Dp, Cfg )
    Vt 8204 Vibration Meter
    Lm 8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Thermometer
    Tc 920 Thermo Couple
    Dw6091 Digital Watt Meter
    Dw6060 Digital Watt Meter
    212 Ph Daging / Tanah
    Dt-2269 Digital Stroboscope Lamp
    Gc-2028 Co2 Meter
    Gch-2018 Co2 Meter
    Tm-946 4 Channel Thermometer
    Co-5510 Oksigen Meter ( Udara )
    Do-5509 Do Meter
    Ms-8910 Smart Tester
    Ms-6300 Multi Meter Sound, Lux, Anemo, Temp, Humidity
    Ms-2205 Power Meter
    Ms-8228 Autorange Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer
    Ms-8229 5 In 1 Digital-Multimeter
    Ms-6700 Sound Level Meter
    Mb-25 Moisture Balance
    Pt.146 Ph/ Conductivity/ Tds Meter
    Pt.148 Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Preg-Alert Pro Renco Preg-Alert Pro
    1010Bs Lux Meter
    Yx360trf Multi Tester
    Se 100 Tachometer
    Se 200 Tachometer
    Th-300 Thermohygrometer
    Sm - 18 Anemometer
    Sm-19 Anemometer
    Dhc 747 Battery Tester
    2900 Et Weather Station C/ N. 3350Wd2
    2700 Weather Station C/ N. 3340Wd2
    2550 Weather Station C/ N. 3320Wd2
    2800 Weather Station C/ N. 3345Wd2
    2900 Et Weather Station Sfoft Ware Model Pro & Usb
    Wile 55 Grain Moisture Meter
    Wile 26 Grain Moisture Meter
    Grain Moisture Meter - Wile Coffe
    Sn - 50 Fogging
    Stainless Thank Thermometer ( -20 To 240 F )
    Brash Thank Thermometer ( -10 To 110 F )
    Crom Thank Thermometer ( -10 To 110 F )
    Cid Ci 2002 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter
    Ccm-200 Opti Science
    Gx-2003 Gas Detector 4 Gase ( Llel, O2, H2s, Co)
    Model 7210120 Safety Container Type 1
    Model 7220120 Safety Can Type 2 Model 7220120
    Coloni Star Funke Gerber
    Yk-2001Ph Do, Ph, Tds, Cond, Orp
    Yk-2005 Wa Multi Parameter Lutron
    Ph-O1 Pho-1 Ph / Orp / Temperature Meter
    Hm-1000 Metalyzer Portable
    Hm-3000 Metalyzer Portable
    1100 Ir Turbidity Meter
    Pharo -300 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Pharo 300 Spectroquant&Reg; , Merck
    Nova 60 Merck
    Hy-Lite2 Merck
    Roker 600 Vacump Pump
    950 My Boom ( 25 M / Section ) Pembatas Minyak Tumpah
    Btm-400 Check Line Btm-400 :
    600Fn Minitest Coating Thickness Gauge
    650Fn Minitest Coating Thickness Gauge
    Hm3000 Heavy Metal Analyser
    Hm1000 Heavy Metal Analyser
    Sigma Ii Thermohygrograph Model Ns - Ii Q ( 7210.00 Quart Type )
    Bante Magnetic Stirrer
    Hl-5000 Set Hidrolux Hl- 5000 Proset
    Hl-5000 Set With Gas Hidrolux Hl- 5000 Proset ( With Gas Sensor )
    Hv-1000F High Volume Air Sampler
    15 Channel Air Quality Monitors
    22Lcr Digital Lcr Meter
    3 Phase Digital Power Clampmeter With Power Factor
    300 Single Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
    301 Dual Out Put Digital Thermometer Type K
    33 Ac 600A Clamp Meter
    330 Sw/ Rf Power Meter ( 1.8520Mhz)
    37 Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
    3M 3101001
    3M 3200
    3M 6000 Series, 5000 Series, Respirator And Filter
    3M 6003
    3M 8120
    3M 8822
    3M Personal Heat Stress
    3M Respirator N95, P95
    637 Thermohygrometer ( Indoor)
    642 Thermohygrometer ( In/ Out Door)
    656F Ac/ Dc 1000A Clamp Meter
    7 Channel Digital Blasting Monitors
    8 Channel Air Quality Monitors
    8017 Single Output Dc Power Supply ( Cv = 030Vdc / Cc= 010A)
    8112 Single Output Dc Power Supply ( Cv = 060Vdc / Cc= 05A)
    850 Ac/ Dc Power Supply
    86D General Multi Meter
    94. Multi Purpose Multi Meter
    95. Profesional Multimeter
    99Cf Auto Range Multi Meter
    Aa104 Aca Bench Meter
    Abh4224 Cup Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
    Abh4225 Vane Anemometer/ Barometer/ Humidity/ Temp
    Ac Current Line Splitter
    Ac/ Dc Mini Current Clamp On Meter For Process Control Signal Output
    Affordable Audiometer With Printer
    Ag2601a ( 10 Hz1mhz)
    Ag2603ad. Digital Audio Generator / Counter ( 10 Hz1mhz)
    Ah4223 Vane Anemometer/ Humidity/ Temperature
    Air Cleaning Protection
    Air Filter
    Airborne Particulate Monitors
    Al04 Heavy Duty Alligators
    Al05 Heavy Duty Alligators
    Alat Keselamatan Kerja
    Alat Pemadam Api Modern
    Alat Potong Besi Tercepat Masa Kini
    Alat Safety
    Alat Uji Kerasan Geser Tanah
    Alat Uji Kkerasan Geser Tanah
    Alcohowk Abi
    Alkohol Tester
    Altaris Orion, Visa Multipro Auer Msa, Bw, Solaris Multi Gas Detector, Drager,
    Alti Meter ( Alat Ukur Elevasi Tanah Dari Permukaan Laut)
    Am22 General Multi Meter
    Am402 Anemometer Adapter
    Am4100g Anemometer + Hybrid Power
    Am4200 Anemometer
    Am4201 Anemometer
    Am4202 Anemometer
    Am4203 Anemometer
    Am4203ha Anemometer
    Am4204 Hot Wire Anemometer
    Am4204ha Hot Wire Anemometer
    Am4205a Replaced Am4205 Humidity/ Anemometer Meter
    Am4206 Anemometer
    Am4206m Anemometer
    Am4210 Anemometer
    Am4213 Anemometer, Mini Vane
    Am4214 Hot Wire Anemometer
    Am4216 Anemometer, Mini Vane
    Am4220 Cup Anemometer
    Am4221 Cup Anemometer
    Am4222 Van Anemometer
    Am4836v Profesional Anemometer
    Ambient Real Time Odor Monitoring
    Ammonia Meter
    An16 Mini Digital Anemometer
    Analaque Multi Meter
    Analog Earth Resistance Tester
    Analytical Balance
    Analytical Balance Series 1200
    Anemometer Kestrel 1000
    Anemometer Kestrel 2000
    Anemometer Kestrel 2500
    Anemometer Kestrel 4000
    Anemometer Kestrel 4100
    Anemometerkestrel 4500
    Anti Seize
    Antirust Agent
    Ap9va ( Round 2.5Mm Dia. Plug) Power Adapter
    Ap9vb ( Battery Snap Plug) Power Adapter
    Apgte Plug Conventer
    Asbestos Mat
    At20 Frequency Counter Optional Accessory
    Audiometer With Printer Oto-Check
    Auto Level ( Water Pass )
    Automatic Emergency Light
    Automotive Tester
    Autorange Digital Multimeter
    Av102 Acv Bench Meter
    Bach220 For Dt2289
    Back Pack
    Back Support
    Bacteriological Water Test Kit
    Baffin Balaclava
    Baju Pemadam
    Baju Pemadam Kebakaran
    Baju Tahan Panas Api
    Bar Cutter
    Base Fitting
    Battery Tester Type Dsr 77 - Jepang
    Battery Tester Type Dhc 747 - Taiwan
    Baum1 X 4Pcs For Dt2289
    Bb22 Frequency Counter Optional Accessory
    Bb400 Black Body
    Bead Wire Probe
    Bearing Analyser
    Bilson Earmuffs
    Boot Cleaner ( Pembersih Sepatu)
    Boot Cover
    Boot Dryer ( Pengering Sepatu)
    Boot Rack ( Rack Sepatu)
    Boot Shoes
    Bor Tanah Belgy Type 1M
    Bor Tanah Gambut
    Bor Tanah Untuk Kedalaman 10M ( Teknik Civil)
    Bouton Fog Free Googgle
    Box Obat
    Box P3k
    Brake Linning
    Branch Pipe
    Breating Apparatus
    Btm4208sd ( End Dec)
    Bulb Lamp Lampu Metal Halide
    Bullard Safety Helmet, S51, 3000 Classic
    C20kf Capacitance Meter
    Ca03 ( Soft Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
    Ca04 ( Very Small Soft Case) Soft Carrying Case
    Ca05a ( Big Soft Case W/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
    Ca06 ( Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
    Ca08 ( Big Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying Case
    Ca201 Mini Aca Current Meter
    Ca203 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
    Ca501 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
    Ca502 Dca/ Aca Current Adapter
    Ca52a ( Small Soft Case W/ Sash) Soft Carrying Case
    Cartridge Filter
    Casual Workwear
    Cb933 Cable Tester/ Cable Identifier
    Cbm Mini Portable
    Cbm Spray
    Cbox406 Capacitance Decade Box
    Cc420 Current Calibrator
    Cc421 Voltage/ Current Calibrator
    Cc422 Current Calibrator
    Ccma Simulator
    Ccph Ph Calibration Checker
    Cctempk Type K Temp Calibration Checker
    Cd14 Conductivity Solution
    Cd4301 Conductivity Meter
    Cd4302 Conductivity Meter
    Cd4303 Conductivity Meter
    Cd4303ha Conductivity Meter
    Cd4306 Conductivity Meter
    Cd4312 Conductivity Meter
    Cd4322 Conductivity Meter
    Chain Block
    Chain Saw Gloves
    Charger For Calibator
    Cheetah Safety Wear
    Chemicals & Aerosol
    Chlorine Meter / Chlorometer
    Cl2006 Chlorine Meter
    Clamp Meter
    Clampon Digital Earth Resistance Tester
    Cm9930 ( 4000 Count) 2000 A Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter + Dmm
    Cm9940 ( 4000 Count) Mini Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
    Cm9941 Smart Clamp Meter
    Cm9942g Clamp Meter
    Co Gas Detector
    Co210m Co Controller
    Coating Agent
    Coating Thickness Gauge
    Coating Thickness Gauge
    Cod Laboratory Set
    Combination Kombinasi Nozel
    Comparator And Disc
    Concrete Hammer Test ( Nj80)
    Conductivity Meter
    Conductivity Tester
    Conductivity/ Tds/ Salt/ Temperature
    Constant Instrument
    Costa Del Mar Glasses
    Cover All
    Cpg 1367A ( Pal/ B Calor Bar Pattern Generator
    Cpvc Pipe ' Viking ' Ul/ Fm Ex: Usa
    Ct2012 Controller/ Alarm/ Indicator
    Current Tester
    Cutting Tools
    Cutting Torch
    Cyaume Lightstick
    Da103 Dca Bench Meter
    Dangerous Toxic Gas
    Data Collector Vibration Meter With 99 Memories
    Data Logger Thermohygrometer Digital Ebi 20
    Dc515 Digital Caliper
    Dc516 Digital Micrometer
    Desktop Spirometer
    Detection Of Combustion Gasses
    Di6200 Insulation Tester
    Di6300 Insulation Tester
    Di6300a Insulation Tester
    Di6400 Insulation Tester
    Diamond Tools
    Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter
    Digital Ac Clamp Meter 1000A With Temperature Function
    Digital Ac Clamp Meter 600A With Temperature Function
    Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter 1000A
    Digital Ac/ Dc Clamp Meter 600A
    Digital Cholinesterase Analysis System
    Digital Depth Gauge
    Digital Insulation Tester 1000V
    Digital Insulation Tester 5000V
    Digital Multi Meter
    Digital Multimeter 600V Cat.Iv
    Digital Multimeter Auto Range
    Digital Multimeter One Switch Auto Select
    Digital Multimeter With Lcr Function
    Digital Portable Arsenic System
    Digital Smoke Opacity Meter
    Digital Soil Test Kit
    Digital Thickness Gauge
    Digital Tyre Gauge
    Dj Laser Level And Linear
    Dj Laser Level And Linear
    Dl9601a Replaced Dl9601 Data Logger Real Time, Paper Less Recorder
    Dl9954 Aca Leakage Tester
    Dm1000 Mini 1000A Dc/ Ac Clamp Meter
    Dm230 Every Day Multi Meter
    Dm4061 Grid Dip Meter ( 1.5 Mhz 250 Mhz In 6 Bands
    Dm6007 Aca Clamp Meter
    Dm6046 Clamp Meter
    Dm6052 Mini Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
    Dm6053 Mini Aca Clamp Meter
    Dm6055c Clamp Meter
    Dm6056 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
    Dm6058 Dca/ Aca Clamp Meter
    Dm9020 Pocket Dmm
    Dm9023 ( Capacitance Meter) Capacitance Meter
    Dm9027t+ Ca03 4 1/ 2 Digits Dmm, True Rms
    Dm9030 + Ip07 Automotive Tester
    Dm9031+ Ip07
    Dm9033 ( Replaced Bt Dm9023)
    Dm9080 Multifunctions
    Dm9090 Multifunctions
    Dm9092 Auto Range Dmm
    Dm9680 Multimeter
    Dm9680kits Multimeter
    Dm9960 Cat Lll1000v Auto Range Dmm
    Dm9961 Cat Lll1000v True Rms Dmm
    Dm9981g Green Power Multimeter
    Dm9982g Smart Multimeter
    Dm9983g Smart Multimeter
    Do 300 L ( Istek)
    Do Tester
    Do5509 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Do5510 Oxigen Meter
    Do5510ha Oxigen Meter
    Do5519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter
    Dormer Tools, Bor Auger Sand Auger
    Dosimeter 3007
    Dosimeter Type 3007
    Dot Gloves
    Double Ring Infiltration
    Double Ring Infiltration
    Dp30 Volt Meter Module
    Dp40 Volt Meter
    Dr99420 Panel Meter
    Dr99aca Panel Meter
    Dr99acv Pan

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